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Hair loss is a real problem and now very common

For a single hair loss is unique and not all get the same response of a hair transplant. From thinning hair to falling hairline, there are various factors and causes for each individual case. If you would like to find out about the cause of your hair loss or possible treatments for your case, we recommend a personal consultation at Hair Transplant in Islamabad.

Hair loss is a real problem and now very common

The hair is a very relevant point in the image of each person, we tested our personality and it gives us an identity, that is why we must take care of it as best as possible and always keep it in good health and in conditions optimal with the right products and care necessary to stay healthy Hair loss is a real problem and now very common, whether it occurs naturally or not, this discomfort is called or called alopecia, and therefore brings us baldness.

Solution of Hair Loss

There are alternatives such as hair transplant which will help us to solve this problem when I have reached the highest levels of hair loss, it is a very good option when we have already lost most of it, and the procedure is very minimally invasive and on many occasions the best option for recovering our good image. In fact, alopecia occurs in different situations, some as we have already mentioned naturally and others less, it is important to fight against this discomfort with the care and the optimal products to overcome it. To know the different processes, it is essential to first know the main parts in which the hair is divided, such as the external part, the stem, the internal part, the follicle, the sebaceous gland and the erector muscle.

In humans, the performance of each root is independent of the others. Thus, all the other phases of the cycle are found simultaneously in the scalp. It is for this reason that if we are at a high level of this discomfort, we might start to consider the option of undergoing a hair transplant process. We can start talking about alopecia when we notice constant hair loss; a healthy scalp has around 100,000 hairs. In a situation that we can call normal, it is if we notice that there is a continuous loss of 80 to 100 hairs per day. From a significant fall for more than 2 months, we can start talking about the principles of alopecia. This is when we have to undergo treatment to alleviate this ailment and even undergo a hair transplant procedure.

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Success sometimes seems unattainable and can even be seen from a distance and makes us think that when we reach the goal, it is not easy to maintain a successful position in the market, even less on the subject of hair transplantation; It is getting harder and harder to stay within quality standards, but if you work with dedication and love for what you care about the well-being of your patients, anything is possible and this goal is getting closer every day. At Hair Skill, we strive every day to maintain our high standards of quality and professionalism by performing each hair transplant procedure with the precision and personalized attention that characterize us; Thanks to this, we are fortunate today to be among the top 100 companies and institutions.

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