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Hair transplant or micro transplant

A life-changing decision

Hair loss is a problem that worries and alerts more people every day, it can even become as important as losing a loved one; as this is a fundamental part of our image as we have tested identity and personality, some people can reach high levels of depression due to hair loss. The proof is that in recent years, psychological consultations have increased due to the depression generated by this capillary disadvantage, as well as the dermatological consultations mentioned on this problem thus generating the demand for hair transplant in Pakistan.

Hair transplant or micro transplant

Hair transplant or micro transplant is one of the possible answers to the problem of alopecia and why not tell it to the depression it causes. However, it is recommended in all cases to consult health professionals on this issue to combat these increasingly common problems in men and women.

Hair Loss is Reduction of Self-Esteem

With hair transplant, we fight the reduction of self-esteem thanks to the fact that it gives us the security, confidence and comfort that have been lost because of this condition, it is a technique of great complexity in which different factors must be evaluated in order to determine its success, it is important to consider that this hair transplant procedure, if done in the right way, can change the way we look and feel in our daily lives.

Hair Transplantation Procedure

Making the decision to have a hair transplant procedure is the first step to changing your life, we believe that by taking action against this type of hair inconvenience, you can achieve significant benefits in the lives of people suffering from this problem; Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the surgeon must propose a design which is aesthetically satisfactory and which makes it possible to take advantage of the maximum quantity of follicular units removed, while respecting the anatomical nature of each patient.

Deciding the correct Technique

It is extremely important to decide which technique will be used as well as the characteristics of the case before starting the hair transplant. Once the sufficient and adequate extraction has started, the incisions should be created in order to obtain density, direction and correct angles. hair, therefore implantation must be performed efficiently, quickly and without damaging the follicle This process is very relevant because not only the image of the patient is at stake but the start of a new stage for him, we consider that each patient undergoes this process for various reasons, but undoubtedly regaining the normalcy of his life, increasing his self-esteem and feeling better in the surrounding society is an essential part thanks to which this process can be extremely satisfying.

Care and type of hair

The skin and hair of a person show their state of health, so it is very important to know the quality of hair transplants to use. Factors such as stress, surgical procedures, alcohol, tobacco, illness in general, fatigue, pregnancy, menstruation, regularly ingested medications, blood thinners, thyroid hormone, as well as overuse chemicals on the hair like; dyes, discoloration, permanent or for chemical smoothing, inappropriate hygiene products or poor hygiene, are factors that cause weakening of the hair, which can present symptoms of dryness, an increase in the amount of fat, difficulty disentangling, excessive falling, lack of shine, split ends, all manifestations of a hair in poor condition. Hair is nourished by blood cells in the blood. Therefore, the hair transplant donor must have a balanced diet of nutrients as this is the main basis for good hair health, and trace elements, minerals and vitamins are the essential material for a diet is organically and aesthetically adequate.

Insert hair follicles

Normal, smooth or wavy hair: it is a balanced hair which does not undergo major alterations either over time or with the application of chemicals. Its appearance has a series of characteristics such as: soft touch, shine, fades during detangling and combing, and which does not open at the tips.

Dry hair:

This type of hair is appearing more and more often, due to dyes, perms, feeds, the use of the dryer, iron and vitamin deficiencies in the current diet. It can also be a seasonal drought, by intensive action of the sun. A hair is dry from an organic point of view.

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