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Heavy Furniture Removal Tips

Heavy furniture materials such as cabinets, dining table, lounges etc. are not easy to move. It takes some caution and tricks to avoid injury to your back or muscle rupture. There are simple rules if followed strictly can lead to pain-free movement.

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In summary, our removal providers recommend below when dealing with heavy furniture:

  • Plan ahead, check tank weight and if you see more than 50 kilos, it is recommended to remove the contents before transportation.
  • Transfer pets to another room so there is no risk of a trip and will also prevent your beloved animals from being hit.
  • If there are young children at home, arrange a baby sitter for the day or send them child care if possible. Because it can be a dangerous trip and can lead to injury to children or to yourself.
  • Make measurements about roadways and approaches to help you get the best possible way to move items to the truck. Further clearance around the tanks will ensure that there is no damage to the doors and walls during moving furniture.
  • Clear the road, remove all trip hazards such as door mats etc. Put these trip risks in boxes or move them along.
  • Open all doors in advance so that the road is clear in front of the ramp of the truck.
  • Do not try to act aggressively and brag when trying to lift heavy furniture. Try not to bend your back, bend your knees.
  • The purchase of protective equipment / belts cannot be avoided when lifting heavy furniture.
  • Buy lift bars to help lift and walk.
  • Use the furniture removal cart if more than 50 kg of weight is moved.
  • Rent a truck or truck for furniture with hydraulic hoists or gates with arms to facilitate the loading and unloading of heavy furniture.
  • Use protective gloves to protect your fingers from fatigue and steel-covered shoes to protect your feet from heavy falls.
  • Obtain the knee cap gear for further protection.

Good luck in moving furniture and do not forget to contact the positive CheapHouse Movers Melbourne if you need more help.

At the beginning of moving home, it’s good to get a real estate inspector, to check everything before you can move to your new home. Repair, replacement, plumbing and electrical works are always done without any furniture at home. This will give you full confidence in the durability of the building and also provide you with an extra headache of moving furniture at home if something goes wrong.


Make sure the mobile phone is on and the battery is fully charged.


  • Make sure that the corridor is free from any obstacles, so that the deporters can easily turn the truck away from the entrance, so all things are loaded quickly and painlessly.
  • Make sure to move the plants kept in places far from the sides of the corridor, so there is no accidental damage.
  • Cut the plants around the corridor to a maximum height of 3 feet, so they are not obstructed during moving furniture.


If you have children make sure that there is someone sitting on it and that all the pets do not move around the house but they move into an empty room because the children can get infected and can remove the addict on the pets and can infect the pets or themselves.

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