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When it comes to hunting, owning a handmade Damascus hunting knives is literally an essential element, we cannot leave home without it! Here we have collected 6 tips to keep in mind when buying a Damascus hunting knife, so that we can get down to work and go out to nature as soon as possible.

  • The first question we should ask ourselves would be; what is the purpose of this knife and what functions do we want our hunting knives to perform? If one is looking for a hunting knife that performs a specific task well, for example, skinning a loved one or cutting branches around his secret hunting post, in these cases, the search for a specialized knife would be the way to go. Special knives are more suitable for those types of actions. Unlike if you buy a special knife to use as a multipurpose camping tool in the interior of the country, (without hunting) you probably will not do many tasks that you also need. By choosing a design that best suits the tasks that the knife must perform, we optimize our options.

Handmade hunting knives

  • Larger does not always mean better, in the world of knives, if you hunt, a knife with a larger blade may become obsolete compared to other options. When this is done, the chosen knife size will be reduced to a practical and personal preference. If one needs a knife to skin an animal on the smaller side, they will want something of a smaller size, light weight (the synthetics are light and large knives) and pocket. If a larger animal is hunted, the elk, for example, will need something bigger and stronger to butcher and pack it. It’s really simple, a larger animal equates to a bigger and tougher knife, while a smaller animal just needs a small pocket knife, and durability is the key to both

Handmade hunting knives

  • Hunting knives have one of two types of blades, a fixed blade or a folding blade. The fixed blade knives are more resistant and more useful when doing heavy type jobs, since the material of the blade slides through the handle. They are easier to clean than folding knives and more resistant and reliable because they have no moving parts. Folding knives are not as durable as fixed blades, but they allow comfort for the owner, since they can be easily carried in a pocket and are excellent knives for everyday use. The mechanisms in many allow a convenient one-handed opening. However, they are more difficult to clean because the blade channel collects blood, tissue, etc., which tends to be a bit messy.

Damascus folding knives

  • Hunting knives have three main blade designs: drop point, cut point and skinning. For big game, consider a drop point, which has a thick and curved blade stronger than other types. It is excellent for skinning animals because we can use the entire edge, not just the point. In case of trouble, you can also use a drop point instead of a saw or ax to divide the ribs and bones of the pelvis. The clip tip blade is thinner, flatter and has a more defined point than the point of fall. It can be used for the same tasks but it is less efficient for skinning, splitting and eviscerating. However, the clipped knife is a good option for hunters who plan to use the knife for other purposes besides hunting. Skinning knives are specifically designed to peel medium and large games. The large sweep blade is made to effortlessly separate flesh from the skin. In addition, a good skinner can do most of the other tasks of cleaning the game, as well as the designs of point of clip and point of fall. Some knives come with interchangeable blades, which allows the user to change one blade for another when different types of blades are needed for particular tasks.

Damascus hunting knives


For safety reasons, the handle of a hunting knife must also have a finger stop, contour or other guard at the joint of the handle and the blade that prevents the user’s hand from sliding forward on the blade. When it comes to buying a hunting knife, utilization is the key to a perfect hunting trip! Happy hunting!

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