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How to choose a dental clinic and what equipment should be in it?

What determines the choice of a dental clinic? One of the most important factors is technological equipment. The high level of technology used provides not only comfortable, but also safe service. What equipment should I pay attention to if you want to make sure that the clinic is serious?

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Technical equipment of the dental clinic

Technological excellence is the foundation of a good dental clinic

Let’s start with the working installation of a dentist. Once they were called the word “drill.” But this ridiculous name is far in the past. The current complexes are distinguished not only by an abundance of functions, but also by a stylish appearance. In the clinic «” used dental equipment SIRONA, which are recognized as the best in the world. They are produced by the famous concern SIEMENS (Germany). Such equipment is installed in all workrooms. The equipment guarantees the highest level of comfort, convenience and safety of treatment.

  • Install Sirona
  • Sirona – world-class equipment

Diagnostics you can afford

Equipment that will tell a lot about the level of the clinic is diagnostic. Frankly speaking, the Clinic is proud not only of its qualified doctors, the perfect equipment of treatment rooms, but also of its unique diagnostic equipment . Only a few can afford a computed tomography scanner for complex dental diagnostics. In, approximately 5% of private medical institutions, including our clinic, possess similar equipment. The complex has a high price and such investments, of course, are not for everyone.

Stylish and flawless: the tomograph is our pride

The tomograph in the Clinic was manufactured in Germany, and its sensors were manufactured in the USA, in the legendary Silicon Valley. The equipment provides the most accurate studies with a minimum dose. Compared with a standard X-ray machine, radiation is 90% less, so even children and expectant mothers can be examined safely.

How do we sterilize instruments?

Strict control over the sterility of instruments and equipment is what a good clinic should strive for. In there is an almost imperceptible door on which a sign hangs: “No trespassing”. Only certain personnel may enter this room, because it is here that the Equipment Sterilization Center is located. It processes, sterilizes and individually packs instruments. An autoclave manufactured by the German company MELAG ensures flawless sterilization. This manufacturer has been developing and producing medical equipment for more than half a century and is considered the best in its business. The whole complex of processing, which goes to the central production center, meets current standards and requirements. We strictly comply with the most stringent standards so that you receive only high-quality and absolutely safe services.

Dental instrument sterilization autoclave

Sterilization must comply with the highest safety standards.

Why do you need to know about clinic equipment?

If you went to the clinic and saw outdated equipment in it, and you were sent to a different institution for diagnosis, then think three times before using the services. Why do you need to undergo treatment where there is no modern equipment, where there is no operational and accurate diagnosis?

Good technological equipment is one of the main signs of a worthy clinic. What do you get by contacting , which is rightfully proud of the achieved level of dental technology?

The most accurate diagnosis, which guarantees you an effective and comfortable treatment.

  • 100% achievement of the planned results.
  • Absolute safety of all procedures and manipulations.

Convenience and comfort

Save time and money – you don’t have to go anywhere to take pictures. You can go through all the diagnostics right on the spot.

Dental clinic equipment

Technological equipment is one of the indicators of the quality of clinic services

Many believe that treatment in a high-level clinic is very expensive and affordable for few. This is not true. In you can enjoy a comfortable installment payment program at 0%. You get the full range of services, and pay for it in installments. In addition, we regularly hold promotions with very attractive conditions. Now there is a 20% discount on diagnostics on the day of initial treatment. The first consultation is completely free, so do not put off health and beauty “for later”. Sign up for a free consultation.

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