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How To Estimate The Cost of a New Air Conditioning System

During the cold winter months, thoughts about air conditioning are probably far from your mind. But at this time, it is the best time to do your research, review your options and plan a new installation of the AC system. Don’t wait until the suffocating months when you’re hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Take advantage of “off-season” and buy the Best DC Inverter AC 2019  at low prices and the availability of experienced installation professionals.

AC Main Price Considerations

Numerous factors affect the cost of a new domestic air conditioning system and its installation.

  1. Location and time
  2. Performance and efficiency
  3. House size
  4. Quality and brand

 Location and time

The prices of your system and service costs may vary according to different states and regions and during different times of the year. For the purposes of this blog, price estimates represent a national average. In your area of ​​Virginia, the costs may be higher or lower than the ranges represented here. Discounts and special seasonal offers may also affect the price.

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Performance and efficiency of the air conditioning system

The SEER rating of an AC refers to the seasonal energy efficiency index. The higher the SEER efficiency / rating of your system, the more you will pay for the initial purchase and installation. However, long-term benefits can quickly compensate for this price difference, as you can expect to see lower cooling bills with more efficient units. Over time, these savings can really add up.

The standard rating for a new central AC system is typically 14-15 SEER and runs approximately for the equipment and approximately installed. As you move towards the high, super high and highest efficiency available, the price may increase for air conditioning. For higher level SEER 22-24 systems, you may also need a solar panel installed on your roof, which further increases the cost.

Household size and air conditioning tonnage

The size of the space that needs cooling determines the size of the required AC unit. Have your HVAC pro perform a load calculation at home for greater accuracy. Residential central air units vary from 1.5 to 5 tons of cooling capacity. With the installation, the price of these units can vary from 69,900 to 94,900 pkr.

Quality and brand of air conditioning equipment

As with any product, pay more for branded and quality items. Consider a Trane central air conditioning unit with the installation. By opting for a less well-known budget brand. When choosing your unit, identify the features and options that you want and need and then make some comparison purchases before making your final choice.

This is just a basic description to help you begin the research process. Other criteria may take into account prices: type of housing, construction and age of the home, and desired extras, such as zoning controls. As you can see, the price range can be vast: as low as 69,900 for a new system and installation and as high as 94,900 or more for a superior brand with all the amenities.

The importance of a great installation

The most ignored aspect of the air conditioner is the installation itself. Your new A / C unit may be of high quality, but if the AC installation is poor, you will not get the benefit.

When you buy an air conditioner, ask yourself these 3 questions:

Is it designed correctly? Air conditioning is a long-term investment that improves your quality of life. A good installer will take the time to analyze their lifestyle, air quality, possible allergies and humidity levels. All these play a key role in the design of an efficient system.

Is it the right size? No matter how efficient the A / C is, you will not get the benefit if it is too small. A smaller system needs to work overtime to heat or cool your home, resulting in a shock when your energy bill arrives. It also puts great pressure on the unit, which requires frequent maintenance and reduces the life of your system.

Does the installer have experience? Not all A / C installers are the same. Many companies will sell the unit and then auction the installation to the highest bidder. At Nice Heating & Air, we manage the entire process. We have our own in-house team of accredited and experienced installers, and dedicated quality control.


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