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Use of Air Compressors in Pharmaceutical

You must have the cleanest air possible, which means that no oil can flow through your compressed air system, which can lead to contaminated products and unexpected downtime. Alpine Compressors understands your needs and has produced class 0 oil-free compressed air technologies to help pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with regulations by ensuring that production processes remain 100% free from contaminants created by the compressor.

The Usage of Breathing Air Compressor is most in Pharmaceutical industry.

Reduced Operating Costs

Did you know that a typical energy bill for an air compression system is 10% of the total energy expenditure? Unfortunately, 40% of the generated compressed air can be wasted due to leaks.

Compressed air is essential in the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to fermentation processes, tablet production, packaging and bottling, contributions to aseptic application or to the automation of production lines.

To avoid additional costs, inspecting your air compressor and all its components is crucial to ensure that they do not need to be repaired or replaced before a major problem occurs.

Breathing Air Compressor

Do you find your facility from Monday to Friday or even 24/7? If your compression system fails, you may be confronted with an important production gap and loss of revenue. That is why eliminating downtime is crucial for your success.

Alpine Compressors is proud of producing and distributing highly reliable air compressors that are built to last for years; together with our preventive maintenance contract plans, you will have less unexpected downtime and more production time.

 Unlimited Possibilities

Unlock opportunities to improve the reliability of your air system without touching your CapEx! Alpine Compressors offers long-term rental solutions and ZORG packages, where all costs are budgeted in advance, without surprises!

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