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How to massage your back: the 5 best techniques

Have we ever thought about massaging someone’s back by learning some basics online?

But how can we understand which are the most suitable techniques to use for a neophyte massage? And how can I accommodate my “client” without making his life difficult?

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How to get a massage

First of all, let’s get a massage table that is good to place in the center of the room. The massage table is well designed to keep the client in the best position for his back. Alternatively, for a well-done home massage, a table or the floor can also be used, if well-padded with some yoga mats.

It would be better to have a soft mat about 5 cm thick: this is the height that is usually considered best for performing a massage.

Other elements to be made available to the customer are clean sheets, a little new age music, and a nice atmosphere.
First of all, we ask the customer to undress as far as he feels comfortable, and we place a towel on his backside.

The ideal position for the massage is the prone one, with a rolled-up towel where you can put your face in if you don’t have the professional massage table, the one with the face’s hole.

Then notify the customer that you are about to start and leave with the first tranche of massage oil, about 15 ml. Valid products indicated in this sense are jojoba, grape seed, and coconut oil.

Spread the oil on your back with light friction or with a fairly energetic touch.
What techniques to use

Folding fan

These, which I will talk about now, are 5 techniques that can be used in sequence for this type of massage, a functional massage with basic techniques.

Petrissage is a type of massage that uses manipulation and pressure, which serves for blood circulation.

Obviously, the pressure must be moderate if you are not a professional massage therapist.

Percussion, also called tapotement, can be done very incisively or more delicately. This massage can be done with cupped hands or knuckles: just choose rhythmic and repetitive movements. This technique stimulates the tissues for compression and can be done for about 2 or 3 minutes before proceeding to anything else.

The kneading technique is useful because it gently stimulates and twists the most superficial part of the skin. It should be used for the windshield wipers, i.e., one hand at a time.

On the other hand, with the thumb fan technique, you can apply a nice pressure from above towards the lumbar area. This manipulation is done on the sides of the spine, and it is advisable not to press too hard, especially if you do not know what you are doing.

The twists, always delicate, can be done from one side to the other by crossing towards the center. This is a beautiful relaxation technique that the person will greatly appreciate, even if we are novice masseurs.

Don’t be rushed; take your time, and also give it to the subject you’re massaging. Make sure you get him up slowly so that he doesn’t have any pressure jumps or dizziness after all this work is done. There is no need to live this situation with anxiety because the massage must be a moment of relaxation for the client.

So no rush and no excessive typing in the subject’s back.

This is important, especially if we haven’t studied enough. Not studying enough means not knowing what you want and what you can do.

Precisely for this reason, it is important not to be excessive, but to gradually start massaging the counterpart’s body, which we have decided to use as a guinea pig for our first massages.

If you have more curiosity or more desire to try to learn a real massage, you can request information to indulge what can be a nice inclination.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep massage as a hobby, I always recommend that you do not overdo it, neither with time nor with manipulations, and to always put the “client” at ease, because it is imperative, from the first moment, to also create harmony. From this point of view, don’t you think?

NB: the articles in this section are for informational/informative purposes only and are not intended to replace the doctor’s opinion. Therefore, the above contents do not replace the official pages of courses and products, where, instead, there is updated and detailed information.

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