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Reasons why you should wear more dresses

“Feel like a woman wearing a dress,” said by an American designer, when she launched a new dress model at a 1970s show. And this motto remains true today. Nothing compares to the privilege of being able to wear a dress even if you have an unlimited number of other options to choose from. If women did not have this solution, it probably would not have been out of the ordinary, given that the fashion industry allows many clothing variations for each morning when you wake up and go to work or for the occasions when you are preparing to go out one evening in the city. So choosing a dress from Women clothing remains a way of imposing your beauty and confidence in you as a modern woman, whether it’s a simple dress with a silk scarf or a black dress that gets you perfectly. Here are some specific reasons why you should wear more dresses:


The decision-making process to combine your pants or trouser with a kurta in a nice way can be an opportunity to show your creativity and stylistic craftsmanship, but on some mornings you just want to get out the door as quickly as you can without being forced worry if you’ve chosen the right complementary shade to embellish the print on your shirt. Instead, making the decision to wear a dress is infinitely simpler – you also have kurta and trouser – and ready! Now just choose accessories and shoes.

A mix of professionalism and femininity

The choice of wearing a dress in the 21st century must be a balance between the way you show the femininity and the professionalism you prove. Nothing can suggest better firmness than a woman who can wear a beautiful knee-length kurta, assembled with a pair of medium-sized shoes, and at the same time remain calm, organized and confident in everything she does. Act as a lady and you will be treated like a lady. Act as the professional you want others to see and a similar effect will happen.

A variety of options for shoes

Unlike trousers of different lengths, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of shoes and the size of the heels when you wear a dress. Ideal would be to match the dress with a pair of heel shoes or boots because they stretch your leg and lift your back, but also the ballet boots, downhill shoes or sandals can look great and fit for casual dresses.


Do not be afraid to invest in a dress. Save for her if necessary but remember that a dress that fits you well and is in a classic style will be a piece of clothing that will stay for a long time in your closet and you will often use it if you take care of it.

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Not always you need to wear a power suit to give out those boss bade vibes to the world. Colors like solid red and black make you feel fierce and confident. When going for a job interview try wearing hues that stand out. Steer clear from pastels and light colors and opt for darker hues of black, blue and red. According to the psychology of colors, dark colors are perceived as formal, confident and authoritative. Sport all-black attire (works like a charm) and feel smarter, more attractive and confident.

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