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Think of the inverter air conditioner as a car driving on a highway. Before you sit in your car in a stationary car. When you are ready to go, put your foot on the gas pedal and go faster and faster until you reach the desired speed.

Once you are there, release your foot and sail at a constant speed by lightly pressing the accelerator pedal. Only press a little more when you have to compensate for a slight slope or headwind. The engine works much less and uses less fuel.

Then you hit a hill and you notice that you press harder on the gas pedal with more and more of that expensive energy called gasoline.

You will probably never think about it when you drive your car. How any kind of resistance in the forward momentum of your car actually chews through the money that was just in your wallet or purse.

The only time you think about the money you spend driving your car is when you stand at the counter and hand over hard-earned cash, or worse … your credit card!

Inverters work in much the same way.

Air conditioners of the inverter are the same.

They speed up and slow down when the system needs it to reach the desired temperature. Once they have reached their speed, they can adjust their output slightly to compensate for temperature changes during the day, both in heating and cooling mode. Always try to keep the required input power to a minimum.There are some Best DC inverter AC in Lahore, which provides you the bes comfort level.

Conventional air conditioners are the equivalent of getting into your car and planting your foot a few kms and then turning off your foot, planting your foot a few kms and then turning off your foot, planting your foot down a few km HARD and then taking your foot off , rinse – repeat!

The diagram above shows how an inverter air conditioner works. When it is turned on, it will quickly reach the desired temperature and then turn itself off to maintain the desired temperature. Inverter air conditioners convert the AC input voltage to DC to control the compressor speed in the outdoor unit. This gives the air conditioner control over power consumption and greater accuracy in the constant temperature.

Best DC inverter AC in Lahore
                                         Best DC inverter AC in Lahore

Summers are the most common season in Pakistan. Most of the country is exposed to hot burning summers for almost 8 to 9 months of the year. There is an urgent need for good cooling arrangements in the most economical way. Air conditioners are the first thing you think of when it comes to beating the summers, but at the same time it is painful for most countrymen because of their concerns about raising the electricity bill. You can visualize a significant jump in the bill during the summer season. This can be managed by installing the right machine at your home.

The latest technology introduced in this regard is the inverter technology for air conditioners. It has been learned that the inverter technology is designed to save 30-50% electricity in terms of units compared to a regular air conditioner. This technology is environmentally friendly, cost effective, faster cooling / heating and has a longer time. This article covers the wonders of Inverter technology and how it works to save electricity.


Inverter units are,


  • Much more reliable in extreme temperatures.
  • Keep the temperature constant (no fluctuations with room temperature going up and down).
  • Costs up to 30% less for electricity bills.
  • The inverter’s air conditioner has less wear (which can lead to a much longer service life)
  • Are much quieter than non-inverters



Now imagine the same scenario, except when you reach the desired speed, take your foot off the accelerator pedal and let the car slowly lose speed until you reach 60 km / h, then back to 100 km / h, then slowly back to 60 km / hour and then back to … … get the idea?

If you are dealing with a normal air conditioner, the compressor is on or off. If the compressor is switched on, it consumes full electricity while operating at full capacity. As the thermostat approaches the standard level in the AC, the compressor stops while the fan continues to operate inside. The compressor starts when the thermostat detects the temperature rise. The regular air conditioner is intended to provide fixed power at a fixed speed. The compressor stops to maintain the desired temperature.

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