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Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

The outsourcing of software development work is growing today. Many companies and individuals prefer to outsource software development rather than internally. Working with software is not an easy task because it involves a lot of planning, strategies and testing. No software is perfect and only works fully if it passes all the tests. That’s why many companies involved in software development also outsource testing services. Any company that supports the outsourcing of software development usually follows the software development cycle, or SDLC. Lifecycle software development is a well-established framework that is best used to understand and successfully develop information systems and software. Nowadays, companies can easily buy software in different ways, from commercial buying to designing a system that fits their needs.

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This software development life cycle has many versions and each version has its strengths and weaknesses, its advantages and disadvantages. The software developer can easily understand how each of these methods affects the risks. Many software developers also view the software development lifecycle as a classic lifecycle model or a linear sequential model or cascading method. Every software developer has his name and his definition.

The complete life cycle of software development includes the following activities:

Systems and Information Engineering and Modeling: The program always consists of a large system and usually begins with specifying the requirements of all components of the system. The next step is to assign a subset of these requirements to the program. Needs Analysis for Analysis Programs: This phase is also called a feasibility study. At this crucial point, the development team is primarily visiting the customer and studying his system.

  • Systems Analysis and Design: This is the third step in which the overall structure and minor differences are identified. As for the client / server technology, it requires a certain number of levels for the package architecture, the design of the database and the design of the data structure.
  • Code Generation: This code generation is detailed and can be done easily without much difficulty. The programming tools used to generate code are compilers, interpreters, and debuggers.
  • Tests: At this stage, tests are performed to check the quality and functionality. Several test methodologies are available to detect errors.
  • Maintenance: the software certainly makes many changes once delivered to the client / client.

Each activity has its own meaning and plays a vital role in any software development work.

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