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Surgical Instruments: Medical Forceps

Whatever the specialty, the use of medical tweezers is mandatory. However, two categories of forceps can be distinguished: forceps for domestic use and in medical offices and forceps reserved for surgery and hospitals.

General practitioners, dentists, nurses, and other specialists that are practicing in an office or at home are inclined to use sterilized forceps. For making dressings, suturing wounds and other light care. In this context, the “needle holder” clamps or the fixing clamps are essential.

These specialties are faced with very different situations during their day, requiring a minimum of equipment to be able to carry out their auscultations. The surgical forceps useful in a doctor’s office are relatively simple, not requiring a notch to maintain constant pressure, for example. In addition, the pliers used can be disposable to gain speed and cleanliness. The use of single-use medical equipment is generally a simple and economical solution for different practitioners in medical offices.

More specialized surgical forceps

For larger operations, surgical forceps are much more than working tools, they truly accompany the surgeon during the operation. A surgeon must choose his medical devices carefully in order to improve his comfort and that of the patient.

With daily use of his medical equipment and very strict hygiene standards, a surgeon must sterilize his medical forceps before and after use using autoclaves. The single-use equipment sometimes lacking ergonomics and comfort for long use, it is preferable to opt for reusable forceps such as hemostats or dissection forceps that are suitable for the hands of the surgeon.

The characteristics of these surgical tools are much more specific. Each of them have their own criteria to meet the different requirements of the doctor: height, weight, materials, left-handed or right-handed, so many essential features for a surgeon to carry out his profession.

The Micro Halstead hemostatic forceps are very high precision forceps and guaranteed for 3 years. Its stainless steel composition and the absence of claw make this hemostatic forceps a very versatile instrument. Both usable for dressings, it can also be used for clamping thanks to its notches and straight curvature.

The Adson dressing forceps 23 cm allow the surgeon to grasp organic material but also compresses with great dexterity. Its non-slip system gives these pliers a good grip and simplified use.

A very complete set of reusable equipment at an attractive price including forceps, scalpels, scissors, probes, and other accessories, those are essential to your specialty. For more details, please visit:

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