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Why is it beneficial to place an implant immediately after tooth extraction?

What happens to the jaw bone several years after tooth extraction?

The body lives by the principle: who does not work, he does not eat. Disabled organs and tissues are simply “withdrawn from allowance.” The substances necessary for growth and life cease to come to them. As long as the bone has a load in the form of a working tooth, it maintains the status of a working organ. But what happens after tooth extraction?

  • The workload is lost.
  • The vessels that previously fed the tooth die off.
  • The tissue ceases to receive food.
  • Organic bone tissue resolves – atrophies.

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It is impossible to put an implant in such tissue, the doctor will first have to restore the lost organic component, which can be 25 percent or more. Bone atrophy is diagnosed one and a half to two years after tooth extraction.

The more time elapses between the moment of tooth extraction and implant placement, the greater the deformation of the jaw apparatus. While you wait for financial profit, good location of stars, good weather – time works against you.

  • Immediately after
  • removal
  • After a few months
  • One year after removal
  • Implant placement costs immediately after tooth extraction

Place implants immediately after removal? You will pay the base cost.

  • Diagnostic cost.
  • The cost of the implant and its installation.
  • The cost of installing the implant in a few years

Have you decided to wait a couple of years? By delaying a visit to us, you lose money. You will have to pay a higher cost.

Diagnostic cost.

The cost of bone repair. If the gap between tooth extraction and implant placement is large enough, bone grafting is required. This procedure also takes extra time. Additional costs will be from.

  • The cost of the implant and its installation.
  • Your additional costs will be at least.

What is the benefit of timely implant placement in the clinic for you?

  • You do not overpay for restoration procedures. Savings of or more.
  • Favorable price: implant Alpha Bio with a guarantee of 50 years will cost from.
  • Guaranteed results – the clinic will return you 110% of the funds if the implant does not take root.
  • Within 50 years after installing the implant, you can reinstall it with a 50% discount.
  • Examination on the best diagnostic equipment, which is available only in 5% of clinics.
  • Implantation with installments at 0%. You will not overpay a single penny in excess of the amount of treatment. We will simply divide the payment into several parts.
  • Help in returning 13% of personal income tax.
  • Convenient execution of all documents on the spot, without leaving the clinic.
  • Service from the best specialists. Each of them has installed more than 2000 implants.
  • Sign up for a free consultation at the Clinic
  • A free consultation with a dentist does not oblige you to anything.
  • You can start treatment at your convenience. The doctor only recommends certain procedures, you
  • decide.

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