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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s dentistry is a separate dental field that takes into account all the features of the child’s body. Dentists in this area use special materials, tools and drugs in their work so that medical intervention is the safest for the baby. A pediatric dentist san diego should also have the skills to communicate with young patients, know child psychology and be able to find contact with a child. These factors are very important in pediatric dentistry, because negative treatment experience can cause a lot of problems in the future.

Dental diseases are easier to prevent than to treat, so you should visit a pediatric dentist twice a year, and if you have problems, show your child a doctor every three months. Particular attention should be paid to the prevention of childhood caries and oral hygiene. By visiting our center, you will receive professional advice on how to properly care for your teeth, choose a toothpaste and toothbrush appropriate for your age. Specialists of the children’s dental clinic will show the child how to carry out the necessary procedures, and will warn about the consequences of improper cleaning and poor hygiene. Timely contact with specialists in pediatric dentistry will prevent the development of complications, the appearance of toothache and the need for serious medical interventions both in childhood and in adult life.

Children’s dentistry – the advantages of a professional approach

Children’s dentistry is one of the priority areas of our professional activity. For a long time, the specialists of the Orange Family Dental clinic have provided qualified care to small patients, doing everything to ensure that children recognize the need and importance of visiting a dentist and stop fearing a visit to a doctor.

Children’s dentistry in San Diego today is represented by a large number of clinics, which makes it difficult for parents to choose. When looking for a specialist whom you can entrust your child, you should pay attention not only to factors such as location or price, but also the specialization of the dental center. Together with the Department of Dental Disease Prevention, our doctors developed a special children’s program, Healthy Child, which includes the following provisions:

  • Teaching children about oral hygiene;
  • Consultations on the features of pediatric dentistry;
  • Tips for maintaining the health of children’s teeth.

Features of the services provided in the clinic

One of the key features of our professional activity is an individual approach to each patient, regardless of his age and the problems with which he turned to us. Our doctors will find an approach to any child and dispel the myth that treating your teeth is painful and scary. Special attention is also given to parents of babies, to whom specialists provide expert advice and give professional advice on the characteristics of baby food in order to prevent caries and other diseases. All medical manipulations are carried out in a playful way, which contributes to the development of understanding in children of the need for a systematic visit to the dentist.

Our clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment, and doctors use effective and safe drugs in their work. Before the appointment of a procedure, children undergo a detailed examination and examination in order to identify possible contraindications. At the highest level, hygiene issues are presented. The main part of the tools used is disposable, the rest undergoes high-quality sterilization.

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