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Pediatric Dentistry at Mother and Child Clinics

Children’s dentistry

Our children were lucky to be born in a century when dental treatment ceased to be something terrible and painful. The next generation will not know what the fear of visiting a doctor is if the very first visits to a pediatric dentist pass without discomfort and pain. A dentist can be a friend of a child to whom the kids go to the reception with joy, and from the office you can hear children’s laughter! This is not a fairy tale, this is the real world of pediatric dentistry of the network of clinics “Mother and Child”.

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Why is it important to make friends with a dentist from childhood?

The basis of a healthy beautiful smile and the right bite for life. With regular visits, a pediatric dentist will be able to control the process of tooth formation, and if necessary, correct the bite. When the dentition is just being formed, such a correction will require less time and financial costs, and also not cause severe discomfort to the child.

Training in proper oral hygiene. Firstly, in childhood, the most important habit of a lifetime is established – brushing your teeth regularly. Secondly, caring for milk teeth is almost more important than for permanent milk teeth are more prone to caries, the disease spreads to fragile enamel very quickly. Therefore, children should go to preventive examinations from two to four times a year. Early removal of a baby tooth can lead to improper formation of a permanent bite. It is becoming a habit to visit a dentist regularly. Preventive examinations by key specialists, including dentists, are the basis of our children’s health. To instill in them this habit from childhood is one of the duties of caring parents.

Doctors of pediatric dentistry in our clinics have various methods of treating complications in primary teeth and permanent teeth with unformed roots (pulpitis and, if possible, preservation of the tooth, periodontitis). Depending on the clinical situation, the age of the child, apply methods of treatment of complicated caries (pulpitis) in one or more visits. When treating permanent teeth with unformed roots, to protect the pulp of the tooth, pediatric dentists use PRO ROOT MTA. The application of this material to the pulp in most cases ensures the formation of tooth roots and does not require additional endodontic treatment (removal of the nerve and filling of the canals). The result of this treatment is the full formation of a permanent tooth.

Pediatric Dentistry at Mother and Child Clinics

Friendly atmosphere. The doctor will get acquainted with the baby, in a playful form he will discuss treatment, choose a cartoon with the child for viewing during the procedures.

In pediatric dentistry, painless methods of administering anesthesia are used, including the needleless Injex injector (Germany) (according to indications).

  • Diagnosis of carious and non-carious lesions of enamel using a “marker”.
  • Treatment with the latest materials produced in Germany and Japan.
  • Digital diagnosis of the presence of the rudiments of permanent teeth.
  • Preventive program for the preservation of enamel of milk and permanent teeth.
  • Aesthetic pediatric dentistry – the foundations of a beautiful smile are laid at the age of 6-10 years.
  • Plastic soft tissue of the oral cavity for children from 7 years.
  • Protection of hard tissues of teeth: sealing of chewing surfaces, coating with fluoride varnish, silvering method.

Pediatric dentistry in the clinics “Mother and Child” provides a full range of services for the treatment and care of teeth. We are not afraid, not painful and interesting. The friendly, understanding and professional doctors in the “Mother and Child” clinics are naturally good teachers and psychologists. We find an approach to a variety of small patients and treatment without tears and pain is our daily reality. Come to get acquainted!

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