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Dental Health: Dentistry for the Youngest

How important are pediatric dentist san diego and primary care?

About this in detail told the doctors of the dental clinic. We have repeatedly talked about adult dentistry – for example, about dental implants, the importance of replacing fillings, or about installing lumineers. How to save teeth from childhood so that your child does not have to think about the above and in the future appear at the dentist only for a routine examination?

Specialized Doctors explained in detail to us the intricacies of dentistry for the smallest. “Parents often underestimate the role of treating baby teeth. Often you have to face the stereotype that treating baby teeth is a secondary task. They will fall out and there’s no point in spending time and money on them. But, for example, neglected decay of a baby tooth or refusal to treat stomatitis child can lead to the most undesirable consequences.

Pediatric dentistry is always more careful than adult. Dental treatment in childhood can only be carried out by a certified specialist. The dentist must have a certificate of relevant specialization. It is important to remember that untimely and incorrect treatment of a baby tooth can damage the rudiment of a permanent one. Such damage has delayed effects and will not be visible immediately.

Late diagnosis of caries forces a specialist to drill more tooth tissue to remove the infection. This process is painful and lengthy, as well as real stress for the child. To bring him after such an experience to the dentist and persuade him to treatment is almost impossible. If even a milk tooth affected by caries is left without intervention, this will lead to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, the development of inflammation of the neurovascular bundle (pulpitis) in the tooth and stomatitis. Pulpitis treatment is also a painful and lengthy process. It is difficult for a child to withstand it even with anesthesia, and it is dangerous to do anesthesia in childhood. In this case, the tooth is often removed.

Removing a baby tooth ahead of time will lead to the lowering of the outer teeth, and when permanent ones appear, the bite will bend. The dentition is not just a certain number of teeth, but a single dentition, able to function normally only with its continuity. If there are several damaged teeth in the dentition, this can lead to the development of a malocclusion, inflammation of the temporomandibular joints and impaired chewing function, which will result in the development of a stomach disease.

There are measures to prevent childhood dental diseases. The health of the child is completely the responsibility of the parents, so you need to start with teaching the baby dental hygiene. Since the first teeth appeared, we recommend accustoming the child to their morning and evening brushing. Gradually, the baby will develop a stable habit, and scratching a child’s gum with a brush will make it easier to teethe. When all the baby teeth have grown, it is worth considering the prevention of caries.

The first examination of the dentist should take place in a playful way. The first meeting is very important, it should not scare the child. The doctor will get to know him and find the right approach. In no case do not press on the baby. Perhaps he will not agree to show the teeth to the dentist right away. The doctor will treat this with understanding and patience. If during the examination the specialist did not reveal carious diseases, he will propose preventive procedures. The most effective is the silvering of the teeth. The procedure is absolutely painless.

If the doctor during the examination finds initial caries or fluorosis, he recommends remineralizing therapy and sealing fissures. Such treatment will inhibit the development of caries for several years. Also, the dentist will assess the risk of malocclusion and tell you about the possibility of placing a plate or braces.The doctor will help you choose a toothpaste, brush, chewing vitamins for teeth. In the future, parents should monitor the condition of the teeth of their children, consult a specialist in time for the treatment of stomatitis in the child, as well as caries and other diseases.

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