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Daily Life Aspects that a Newly Transplanted Patient Should Follow

The general public is awake to the disadvantage of baldness in their lives, possibly within their teen years or in the late Eighties. It undermines the looks and certainty of a personal. However, it’s necessary to grasp why this is often therefore. With trendy hair transplantation and techniques, in Pakistan you’ll be thinking a hair transplant in Pakistan.

Daily Life Aspects that a Newly Transplanted Patient Should Follow.

As with any surgical intervention, good postoperative behavior is recommended for hair transplant surgery. It can only facilitate the life of the patient and contribute to the perfection of the results of the micro graft and thus better satisfy the patient. We would also like to remind you, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the surgeon, Keep in mind that it is important to remember that recommendations evolve in the postoperative time interval: immediately after 2 to 3 days, after 15 days and more.

The return home after hair transplantation.

The operation is performed on an outpatient basis; you can go home at the end of the session.

  • Wear an open collar shirt or sweater to avoid touching newly implanted grafts.
  • He prefers a return by ambulance, taxi or accompanied by someone he knows. He is prohibited from driving behind the wheel to go home. Local anesthesia can cause alert disorders.
  • Be careful not to hit your head when entering and leaving the car.


To minimize the risk of trauma to the grafts, it is advisable to wear a zipper shirt or garment during the first week to avoid tearing the grafts when dressing and undressing. Sleep position after hair transplantation. For 72 hours, it is advisable to sleep on your back, sideways or preferably in a semi-seated position using some pillows or a recliner sofa.

Care and maintenance of intervention areas.

The day of the session and the next day.

In the grafted area

  • Spray the implanted area with the ATP liposomal spray, given every twenty minutes, until the bottle is empty.
  • Then apply the hydro cellular keratin serum spray every two hours for a week
  • Do not comb grafted areas with a comb or brush. The hairstyle is done gently with the fingers.

In the donor area

  • Apply the prescribed cream morning and afternoon for ten days.
  • Do not wash your hair for 2 days.
  • You can shower, without putting your head under water, avoiding very hot showers.

Third day shampoo

  • Make a mild shampoo at neutral pH, in small quantities, without rubbing, with the fingertips once a day.
  • Rinse by pouring warm water over your head with a bowl (a cup).
  • Do not use the shower jet that could start the grafts.
  • Do not massage this area. Also, dry this area by touching with a towel
  • After 14 days, you can reuse your usual shampoo


When the scabs on the pinhead appear at the level of each graft, they should never be removed. They will gradually disappear when rinsing in ten days. However, it happens that the grafts fall with the scabs naturally, you should not worry; they will grow again in two and three months. In case of persistence of scabs beyond ten days, it is advisable to apply sweet almond oil to accelerate its fall.

Medication to take

The surgeon will prescribe a prescription with an analgesic, a corticosteroid and a sleeping pill beforehand.


Paracetamol 1 g every six hours only in case of pain. Duration of treatment according to the gene felt by the patient (1 to 3 days) corticosteroid. First, it should be taken only in case of front edema, since we systematically use the abbasi solution during a transplant to reduce the risk of edema on the forehead. In addition, in case of a transplant of the frontal area, it is strongly recommended to use the headband of a tennis player, to avoid possible swelling of the forehead and eyelids.

Sleeping pill

To take in case of sleep disorder for the first postoperative night and possibly the second and third night

Behaviors to avoid

  • Above all, avoid rubbing the area of the recipient with the risk of starting the grafts. During the first week, avoid any movement that may increase blood pressure in the head (tilt your head forward).
  • No sports activity or excessive sweating for 15 days and avoid frequenting dusty places
  • Avoid wearing a helmet, cap or wig for 15 days. You can use a handkerchief.
  • Forget about the sauna, without UV sessions, without prolonged exposure to the sun or hammam for 3 weeks
  • Avoid the pool for a month.
  • There is no intense sexual activity during the first week.
  • During the first week, it is advisable to smoke moderately
  • Without a hairdryer, avoid using lacquer or gel for 15 days.

Control query

The surgeon will perform controls in 15 days, 4, 8 and 12 months if necessary.

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