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How to evaluate best hair transplant result

The major trends within the hair transplant in Lahore we have seen this year. In Lahore surgeons perform various hair transplant operations annually. However new innovations seem with the passage of your time. These innovations build the hair transplant expertise additional economical and comfortable for the patient.

How to evaluate best hair transplant result

Most patients appreciate their hair transplant results supported the coverage of their transplant space. Well, this could solely be a part of the result analysis method. A full assessment should take into consideration each the recipient and also the donor.

From the beneficiary’s purpose of read, the analysis ought to be supported the subsequent main factors:

  • Coverage of the transplanted recipient space. This could be measured as a share of the expansion of the transplanted grafts. Something over eightieth ought to be thought of productive.
  • The proper placement angle. If placed at the proper angle, the hair is going to be titled like your own hair and cannot be forced to vogue it solely in an exceedingly specific direction.
  • The proper pattern of however the hair is placed so there are not any corridors or empty areas in between and it’s natural once you comb it in several directions.
  • If the hairline appearance natural once the hair is combed back. Solely single hair transplants ought to be placed before with AN irregular hairline. Points 2, three and four offer the naturalness of the lead to addition to the coverage.
  • If the acceptable density has been used. Future hair loss and also the quality of the donor space ought to be taken into consideration once deciding whether or not to take high, medium or density. for instance, if you deliver a dense high-density pack and/or a coffee hair root to a young patient World Health Organization are going to be category NW seven in an exceedingly few years, this may influence be false, as they’ll find yourself with weak dense hair root and not enough donor to hide future hair loss.

The other, equally necessary a part of the result analysis method is that the results of the donor space.

Many clinics harvest the donor terribly sharply and build them seem skinny and with dotted FUE scars. In such a case, a brief cut isn’t doable as a result of the donor is exhausted and leaves only a few grafts to be extracted throughout a 2d or third FUE surgery.

The factor that may be taken into consideration to assess the result of the donor space is summarized as follows:

  • The scale of the punch to be used and whether or not it’s manual or motorized
  • The depth at that the punch is going to be inserted into the skin. The deeper you go, the dotted scaring will increase as will the speed of the group action.
  • What percentage extracted grafts square measure healthy for placement? Some clinics will extract 4,000 to 6,000 grafts and place but 3,000. These 2,000 broken grafts have disappeared from the donor space, that is your solely offer of hair to hide future hair loss.
  • In an exceedingly high variety of FUE transplant surgeries, the transplants square measure taken aspect by aspect and you finish up with a marked donor and should be hidden by long hair.
  • If there’s a dotted FUE and the way skinny the donor becomes.
  • is that the surgery performed by a knowledgeable doctor and his team with a history of fine results? Or by a tiny low army of technicians to chop prices and deliver production of FUE surgery? In such cases, you’ll be able to spot several of the shortcomings mentioned higher than.

So once considering wherever to travel for your hair transplant, perpetually attempt to check photos of the donor operation, however it heals and what the donor sounds like with a brief haircut once the recipient’s result’s bestowed to you.

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