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Derma Needling

Derma Needling for Hair Loss

Derma Needling has been used by skin care professionals for quite some time in the fight against the signs of aging. It has been proven that it helps the skin look rejuvenated, filled and brighter. Hair loss experts are now extending their use to help treat hair loss in patients with surprising success.Image result for Derma Needling Hair for Loss

Derma for the skin works with needles rolling the surface of the skin, making small holes in the surface. This process promotes the body’s natural healing process, which also promotes the production of collagen, a natural filler that gives the skin a youthful appearance. When applied to the scalp, the derma puncture has a similar effect.

How do it work?

The treatment with Derma needles for hair loss consists of micro needles rolled up on the scalp, which again causes small holes in the surface of the scalp. The system of healing of the body is activated with these micro injuries and it has been demonstrated that this system stimulates the production of stem cells and specific proteins that are responsible for the production of new hair follicles, besides allowing the hair follicles to absorb the necessary nutrients to health. Hair growth.

As the production of proteins, the puncture of the dermis and the creation of microlesions stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles. Poor circulation can be the cause of hair loss, but the increase in blood circulation allows individual hair follicles to better absorb the vitamins and minerals they need to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Is it effective?

Derma Needling has proven to be an effective treatment for a variety of causes of hair loss. It has even shown proven positive results for patients suffering from male or female pattern baldness or alopecia. Patients will need repeated and regular treatments for derma needle treatment, since the body’s healing system will only be stimulated for a short period of time and when the body stops the healing process, the proteins will stop producing. Therefore, repeated treatments are required to re-stimulate this response within the body to encourage continued activity and growth within the hair follicles.

Derma Needling is a relatively new treatment for hair loss but with a minimum recovery time, due to the micro injuries that the hair covers and the relative invasiveness of the procedure; Derma Needling is perhaps as popular to treat hair loss as to treat skin aging.

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