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The secret of financial comfort in obtaining dental services

The higher the quality and class of services, the higher the financial burden. Upscale dental services also require certain costs. Diagnostics, technologies, materials, labor of highly qualified specialists – these are the components of dental accounts. Is high-quality dental care the lot of the rich? Of course not! Clinic will tell you a secret how to get high-class dental services and maintain financial comfort.

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Dentistry by installments

Installment at 0% per annum – a convenient payment mechanism

Installment at 0%

Usually you pay – and only then get the service. The Clinic is a pleasant exception to the general rule. A special payment program is being implemented here, the purpose of which is your financial comfort. The essence of the program: to pay for services the clinic provides installments at 0% per annum. Thus, you receive services immediately, and pay for them later. All the necessary documents are drawn up in the clinic, you do not even have to leave its borders to conclude an agreement. Installment at 0% per annum opens up new opportunities for you to receive the highest quality dental services.

Tax refund

If you work and pay 13% of income tax, then you are entitled to receive a tax deduction for dental services . That is, according to your statement, the tax service will return you 13% of the money spent. Close relatives can receive a deduction for non-working patients: spouse, parents (for the treatment of children under 18 years of age). 13% of the cost of dental treatment from the bill is returned in the amount of up to 120 thousand rubles. But for prosthetics and implantation they will return 13% of any amount, since such a service belongs to the category of “expensive treatment” and it does not have a restrictive threshold. We will prepare a package of documents for you within 10 days and you will be able to apply to the tax office for a refund.

Dental Services

High-quality dental services and financial comfort are available to you in the clinic So, a tax refund of 13% of the invoice value and installments at 0% per annum will ensure your financial comfort and reduce the burden on the budget for any type of dental treatment. A nice bonus will be the promotional offers of the Clinic. Use them to manage to get services at the best prices. Now you have no reason to postpone the fulfillment of your dream of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile! Sign up for a free consultation and find out all about our financial comfort programs. Qualified doctors, whose practical experience exceeded 288 years, are guaranteed to make your smile perfect! For more information visit our website Versailles Dental Clinic



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