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Top 5 reasons to show your child the orthodontist, even if you have not noticed any irregularities

The correct bite guarantees not only a beautiful smile, but also the health of the child’s jaw apparatus. Should I go to the orthodontist if the parents do not see any obvious malocclusion in the growing baby? Of course! There are five reasons for this.

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Milk bite in a child

The child’s orthodontist can already be brought in 2-3 years

Reason number 1: the formation of the correct bite

Modern orthodontic doctors have long come to the conclusion that care for the formation of the correct bite should begin in early childhood, with a milk bite. Correct and healthy tooth position is easier to shape than correct. Therefore, do not postpone the visit to the orthopedist for an indefinite “later”. You can show the baby to a specialist as early as 2–2.5 years, when a milk bite is forming. It’s time to make sure everything goes right from the start!

Reason # 2: Health Care

The development of a malocclusion can affect the general condition of the baby. Gastrointestinal problems, nasal breathing disorders, and other complications may occur. Even typical cold symptoms can be caused by malocclusion. Only an orthodontist can determine this. Do you want your child to grow up healthy? Then make a visit to the orthodontist in the list of required cases.

  • Prevention is the best way to solve problems.
  • The orthodontist will recognize the problem at the very beginning and solve it quickly and efficiently.
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Reason 3: The effectiveness of early treatment

Many malocclusion problems require multilevel, stepwise treatment, which must be started at an early age. For example, an open bite is a serious pathology. His treatment is multi-stage and may take several years. The orthodontist should observe the child from the time of the formation of the milk, and then the replacement bite. Therefore, the sooner you get to the orthodontist, the higher the efficiency of solving the problem.

Reason # 4: Building Good Habits

Young children often have habits or lifestyle features that form the wrong bite. For example, sucking a nipple or finger older than one year or using the baby bottle too long can cause malocclusion. An orthodontist will help identify and eliminate such habits. It is much easier and cheaper to instill the right behavior model in time than to correct the bite in the future.

Child at the orthodontist

An orthodontist will help you build good and healthy habits.

Reason # 5: Prevention

A regular professional examination from an early age will help to control the correct growth and development of teeth. The orthodontist recognizes the problem at the initial stage. In this case, its solution will be much simpler and more comfortable.

All the best for children

The formation of the correct bite in children provides not only beauty, but also healthy teeth. Many parents believe that leading a child to the orthodontist is necessary only when there are noticeable violations, but any problem is easier to prevent than to treat. Therefore, regular visits to the orthodontist are so important. The main thing is a timely observation and the right choice of a doctor. After all, we are talking about the most expensive and important – the health of the child.

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