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The Steps of FUE Hair Transplantation

What happens on a FUE working day for hair transplants?

Preparation for a Hair Transplant

After the photos are taken, a final consultation is made with the plastic surgery specialist who will perform the operation, and previous calls are assessed and the hair transplant is planned.

Plans Before the Hair Transplant

During the planning process, the doctor makes a final assessment with regard to the number of hair follicles to be extracted, the number of hair shafts in the follicles and the thickness of the shafts. The locations and the density of the transplantation and the orientation of the hair shafts are determined by taking into account the expectations of the patient. The compatibility between the suggestions of the specialist and the expectations of the individual is crucial in this phase. Being realistic about what we can achieve and the suitability of the patient’s expectations are the essence of a successful Best FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan.

Plan the Hairline

A successful hair transplant requires a natural result that does not stand out for people in connection with the person undergoing the surgery. And the hairline must be very subtly planned to obtain a natural looking result of the hair transplant.

Expectations and suggestions from the patient should certainly be listened to while planning the hairline, but the planning should be made in accordance with the current state of the person by considering the forehead structure and the patient’s facial symmetry, without fully considering concentrate on the patient’s previous condition. The hairline is determined by maintaining the symmetry with the aid of the laser pointer specially designed for this purpose.

The hairline is the line that the hairy scalp meets the forehead. The hairline must fit into the other aesthetic elements of the face, must be planned at a suitable level and should not be made as a sharp straight line. A natural hairline is made as a symmetrical fragmented line with a triangular wavy shape. The follicles to be used to make the hairline must be those follicles containing a single and thin hair shaft. Although a hairline created by sharply aligned hair follicles that contain thicker hair shafts after the surgery is visible to everyone, a wavy hairline that is planned with a slight deviation and made with those hair follicles that contain one hair shaft is not even noticeable to the direct acquaintances of the individual after the operation.

Make the First Step Well: is it possible to correct an inaccurate hairline?

A significant percentage of the patients who consult us for a hair transplant are those patients who are not satisfied with the results of the hair transplantation they have undergone in other clinics. The hair result of a hair transplant performed by an unskilled person can be irreparable. Correction of the inaccurate hairline is the most challenging aspect that we experience in such additional corrective operations. In such patients, corrective operations can be performed by harvesting the hair bags that are too thick and inserting grafts containing a single hair shaft.

Nobody wants it to be clear that they have undergone a hair transplant. To obtain a natural result, the hairline must be planned by a plastic surgeon specializing in the area, who has extensive knowledge of facial aesthetics and facial balance, and who has performed an adequate number of hair transplant operations to understand the patient’s expectations.

The extraction and collection of hair follicles (follicular unit, transplant)

The hair follicles on the site between the ears are genetically resistant to thinning out. Best FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan is performed by the micro motor a specially designed micro surgical device – without making incisions or sutures. The hair follicles are removed separately from the scalp by using the micro punches with diameters of 0.6-0.9 mm at the tip of the micro motor.

The extraction procedure is performed under the magnifying glass by using only the micro surgical technique. Extraction is performed within the boundaries of the scalp at the level of the follicles. Because the extraction is limited to the level of the scalp, the deeper tissues are not damaged.

The most critical point to take into account in this procedure is not to damage it at all – not only for the hair shafts but – for the totality of the hair follicles with the hair shafts they contain, during the extraction. No hair shaft grows from a damaged hair bag that is transplanted. If the hair follicle (follicular unit) is damaged, no hair will grow and the result will be unsuccessful. If no hair grows after the hair transplant, one of the main reasons for this is a careless extraction procedure carried out by an inexperienced person.

Because no hair follicle is formed to replace the damaged hair follicles, a successful hair transplant is only possible if the donor site is fully used. For the complete collection of each hair follicle separately, the extraction must be carefully performed by a plastic surgeon.

The distribution of the fully extracted hair follicles is also significant. The number of hair follicles must be calculated separately for those hair follicles containing one, two, three and four hair shafts. Extraction of the hair follicles containing as many as three or four hair follicles and avoiding those hair follicles containing only a single hair shaft will lead to a closer hair result. While 4000 hair follicles containing a single shaft correspond to 4,000 hair shafts, 4,000 hair follicles correspond to 12 shafts corresponding to 12,000 hair shafts.

Extraction should not be considered as a simple technical procedure. The diameter of the micro punch, the speed of the micro motor, the orientation and depth of the hair follicles and the distance between the extracted follicles must be assessed separately for each patient. At this stage, the level of experience and Hair Skill of the plastic surgeon and the quality of the technical equipment play a role. In this connection we state that ‘there are no disorders, there are patients’ and we make a separate evaluation for each individual patient.

In addition, the total number of hair shafts focused on 4000 hair follicles at least 10,000 hair shafts. The extracted hair follicles are stored in a special nutrient solution in a refrigerated environment to keep them alive.

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