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Help With Choosing the Best Folding Knife

Searching for the best possible pocket knife can seem like a huge undertaking with so many competing brand names and styles to choose from. But if you focus on the type of activities for which you want to use your knife, it becomes easier. The best pocket knife for a hunter is not the same knife for camping or backpacking. Similarly, a pocket knife is not ideally suited as a tactical or survival knife. So to make your decision easier, you can abort the different activities where you need a folding knife or use a Folding Knife.

Camping and Hiking

An Army knife or pocket knife is best for this type of activity. Especially if you cycle over large distances and extra weight is a problem. There are countless designs of army knives that have a range of utility tools for the camper. Such as tweezers, scissors and even a barometer and LED light on some models.


Many hunters go for a drop-point knife. These have a thick curved blade as standard, which is perfect for stripping the game in the field. The ability to use the total edge of the blade instead of just the point makes this a highly desirable choice.


If you want your knife to survive, then you will definitely need a multi functional knife, which means that the knife is partly serrated and partly straight.


Tactical folding knives have single-use knives. This type of knife is not for every man, but for those whose lives require a certain element of defense; this is the knife par excellence. The best pocket knife for tactical use is a knife that is used quickly.

Combination Knives

Many good combination folding knives are now available, offering features of some or all of the above. The folding knife can also comprise various instruments, such as screwdrivers, sockets, spirit levels and chisels.

It is wise to see how seriously you take your activities. For example, if you go hunting occasionally, perhaps the best pocket knife is a combination knife for you. But if you are someone who often hunts, then the drop-point style is a wiser choice.

The safety aspect MUST be counted for each knife type. It is highly recommended with a folding knife that you choose one with a locking knife. If you have ever had a knife with you while using a folding knife, you will recognize what I mean.

Other things to look out for when choosing the right type of folding knife for your individual needs are things like simplicity of cleaning and sharpening. E.g. Knives with a serrated knife are more difficult to clean and sharpen than regular knives with straight edges. The quality of the steel used is also very crucial. Some cheap folding knives with insufficient blade quality are likely to rust or lose their edge and sometimes even break during use. A knife that uses high-quality stainless steel or even carbon-reinforced steel will probably be of service to you for a number of years. You should search for a minimum of 420.

Finally, the legal implications of carrying a knife of this type must be mentioned. Depending on the length of the blade, in some jurisdictions a folding knife can be considered a hidden weapon, and therefore illegal. You must always determine your regional legislation before you make a purchase.

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