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Pocket Knives, An Evolution of Essential Tools For Outdoorsmen

The knives we know today are the result of many years of evolution. For many centuries, knives were carried through a case attached to a belt or some type of harness on the outside of clothing. This was for several reasons. Obviously, nobody would want to stick a sharp piece of steel inside the unprotected trouser leg. With the invention of the pocket, a common feature of modern trousers, and advances in material technology was born the pocket knife. The first folding pocket knives were made of iron with bone handles.

They were large and heavy, and since then man has slowly and surely improved materials and manufacturing to produce a pocket knife that is now smaller, stronger and lighter. Nowadays, pocket knives have blades made of different types of steel, handles made of bone, wood, plastic, aluminum or composite materials, and a wide variety of locks and assisted opening devices. The designs range from bright colors and themes to camouflage prints with black leaves. There are many different specialized shapes and styles to adapt to each sport chosen by the outdoors.

handmade damascus pocket knives

A sliding joint

A lot of pocket knives have what is called a sliding joint. These knives do not lock, and if there is enough pressure placed on the back of the knife, it will close. I think most of the use out there has been cut with one of these knives before. Some of the knife styles found in most pocket knives are: Clip, Spear, Drop Tip, Pencil, Sheepsfoot, Woolen thread, Spay or Spey and Hook.

The most used of these types of blades is the spear. For the reason that it is the most universal blade. Most of the others are very specific for a job. For example, the foot of sheep is made for work on boats and does not reach a point. The hook is used mainly by hunters to destroy there. All types of blades have their advantages and disadvantages. Handmade Damascus Pocket Knives are one of the blades that work with a sliding joint. None of the blocking tools.

Right pocket knife is an essential element

Regardless of your choice of outdoor activities, the right pocket knife is an essential element for your tool set. The good thing is a fishing rod without a knife to clean your catch. The same goes for a hunting rifle, a compound bow or a hunting trap. Backpackers, climbers and campers will share stories of how their pocket knives have helped them get out of difficult situations while they were in the country.

Rescue workers and soldiers also often carry pocket knives to aid in search and rescue operations. One of the most remarkable stories in recent history is that of a hiker in the Utah canyon lands who used his pocket knife to amputate his own arm after being trapped by an evicted rock for several days with no hope of rescue. Whether for first aid, convenience or just to prepare your dinner, there are some tools that are more essential on the outside than your pocket knife.

Other pocket knives

Other pocket knives have what is called a locking system of some kind. All those locking knives have been around since the 15th century that began to be manufactured on a large scale by knife makers such as the Buck, Handmade Damascus Pocket Knives and Opinel knives. Most of these knives were made with a locking system. The manufacturer that came to the top of this stack are the Buck knives.

These knives would have been very welcome for people who had cut themselves to an accidental closure. Also popular is another popular locking system in which was the Walker liner lock and shaft lock. Bench made has a patent in that style. One of the falls of the locking knives is that you can only have one blade. To have more would be a lot of mechanism in a knife.

Pocket knives do not really have any legal problems

Pocket knives do not really have any legal problems. They are good in almost all countries. They are restricted in airports, schools and courts. Most of the time, pocket knives are only used as tools and not as weapons. Those that can be used as weapons are illegal, such as the exchange blades or other automatic opening knives.

During my childhood, wearing a different type of knife was something that was taken for granted. Probably because from an early age my father always gave me a knife. Usually, pocket knives manufactured by Handmade Damascus Pocket Knives are one of the best.

Hunting, fishing or camping was almost overlooked or taken for granted because these things were always there for me. Having a quality knife at that time was also overlooked and taken for granted. It was never discussed in one way or another because carrying knives was just a way of life. Always, without knowing it or thinking about it, there were Handmade Damascus Pocket Knives or Buck Knives in our pocket or tackle box.

The value of a good knife became evident

When I grew up, the value of a good knife became evident. Now I know that Handmade Damascus Pocket Knives are the best types of pocket knives that everyone would want to wear. This knowledge is not scientific but rather through a life of practical use.

As an adult, I realized that pocket knives are convenient tools that are also useful in many other aspects. If you are an avid camper and traveler or just outdoors occasionally, a pocket knife has multiple uses and can be especially important when faced with an emergency situation. It can be used to cut wood, kill fish and prepare meals. For convenience, some pocket knives have a convenient bottle opener and a corkscrew that may not be available in all situations.

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