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The Best Pocket and Folding Knives to Keep Every Day

You want a Damascus Steel Pocket Knife for a seemingly simple reason: to keep it when you need it at any time to perform any number of tasks, from the mundane to the twisted. You may be able to peel a moose or cut fruit from a tree, but it will also open its packages, cut a piece of cheese for a friend or cut a loose thread that threatens to untangle the entire sweater. And the knife doesn’t need to be complicated, just convenient enough to take it everywhere (and have a decent blade). After taking our phone, wallet and keys, we look for one of these to store in our pockets.

Choose a Knife

When considering knives for daily transport (EDC), look primarily at folders. We want something on the smaller side, and since folding knives, well folded, fit easily in your pocket when closed. And we consider almost exclusively single sheet folders, instead of multiple tools, since they weigh less, which further increases portability. Since folding knives do not have the stiffness of fixed blades, we focus primarily on locking knives. They offer the ease of folders with the additional security of not closing with your fingers while using them, in addition to the rigidity of a locking blade means that you can manipulate the knife in a variety of angles, such as when carving or opening a particularly complicated package. In addition, you can use the back of the blade for things like fire sparks without closing or bending over you.

Another important factor is the type of metal the blade is made of. Our favorites are carbon or stainless steel. Carbon steel is easy to sharpen, keeps the edge well and is durable, but the blade is more careful, as it is more prone to corrosion. Stainless steel is the most common option for pocket knives. It is not as resistant as carbon, but with the addition of chromium, the blade is less susceptible to corrosion. If you want to delve into the different classes and qualities of the common sub types of knife steels, Knife Informer has this handy primer.

Types of Locking Mechanisms

Do not be intimidated by the different types of locking mechanisms. Everyone achieves the same task, but they do it in different ways.


One side of the inner lining of the handle is folded, which makes it act like a spring. When you open the blade, that elastic liner slides behind the blade of the blade to prevent it from closing.

Pro: simple and economical.

With: fingers are on the road when closing.


Like a liner lock, but this system has a side of the knife frame that slides behind the blade when it unfolds.

Pro: sure.

With: not ambidextrous.


A Spyderco technology in which a piece of the lining is inserted into the spike and fits between a notch and a pin. It is unlocked with a push button. Pro: easy to operate. With: small parts can wear out over time.

Lock Backs

A locking bar runs through the spine of the knife handle and sprouts in a notch in the spike. To close, press the bar near the end of the handle to remove it from the spike.

Pro: ambidextrous.

With: can wear out, causing the blade to move when deployed.


This is a patented Benchmade design: a steel bar passes through the knife handle and grooves into a notch in the spike. It is almost three times stronger than a siding lock, and you don’t have to adjust your grip to operate it.

Pro: ambidextrous.

With: more small pieces that can be broken.


Here, a circular collar around the base of the blade is twisted to close or open it. Align the space in the collar with the blade for unobstructed deployment.

Pro: simple.

With: the collar may wear out over time and may not work as well.

How Do We Rate

We investigate sources of experts and more than 10,000 consumer comments, and also rely on our own tests and previous experience to choose some of our favorite pocket knives. To determine our total expert score, we calculate the ratings of dedicated knife and equipment review sites. We found multiple reviews of each knife, we took their grades and averaged them on a 100-point scale. For some of the newer options, many of which lack expert scores, we have in our hands the sheets to prove ourselves. And our consumer score represents the percentage of people who rated the product with at least four out of five stars at retail sites such as Amazon, REI and Drop. We rely on multiple consumer markets and average the number of positive reviews for each blade at different sites.

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