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Traditional Household Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife

A good Hunting Knife is one of the most essential equipment that all good hunters possess. Hunting Knives tend to be much larger and heavier than more traditional household cutting tools and usually come with a bag. When looking to buy a hunting knife, a nature lover should look at the type of game he is hunting and the uses of this knife.

The equipment as a Hunting Knife should be carried with a hunter on each hunting trip. Without this piece of equipment, a hunter is not prepared to clean the animal properly after killing. This is especially important for all true hunters who eat only what they can catch. Without this tool, skinning a death is almost impossible.

Every time when a knife is mentioned, the image that comes to my mind is that of an unfortunate character as shown in the films, shaking something that looks very fierce and threatening! The reality is something quite different! In fact hunters try to avoid too big knives because they are not really useful for the tasks they are looking for, and they are too heavy to embrace!

Like all other knives, the chassis is also available in different sizes and shapes. There are also various brands and models. What’s looking for the hunter is something appropriate to the kind of animal hunted. To be more precise, the size and weight of the knife should ideally match the game so that it can be easily used. At the same time, the knife must be well done and function efficiently.

Blades of  knives

The first consideration when choosing a chassis is to control the material it is made – stainless steel or ordinary carbon. Popular choice is the stainless chaste chariot. I may not be as sharp as the knife made of carbon, but it has the distinctive advantage of staying safe even when it is exposed to moisture. The knife made of carbon is definitely very acute and even more acute, but keeping it brown when it is exposed to moisture is not so easy. Again, compared with the knife made of coal, the stainless chassis gun loses its sharp edge faster.

The blades of these knives can be of different forms, but the most common are the point of view and the tip. The drop point is very suitable for heavy tasks. The bladder with a clutch has a size and weight ideal for cutting cords and other small tasks, because it is narrow and much thinner. I do not really aim to play a game directly.

Now the chassis blade can be foldable or fixed. The folding blade can be compared to a knife. I look compact. At the same time, as well as the pocket knife, it can be provided with a segment blade and other tools.

In contrast, the fixed blade is meant for heavier tasks such as cutting, because it is stronger. These tasks could be something like cleaning and declining animals. Unlike the folding blade, the fixed chassis requires ingrain. The hunter must put it on his backpack or carry it on his belt.

The hunting knife comes in many different shapes and sizes and can be useful in a variety of jobs that hunters must perform. When buying a hunting knife, a possible hunter should choose the one that best suits the needs of a hunting excursion. They are important pieces of equipment that should accompany all lovers of the outdoors.

There are many different designs of hunting knives that are better suited to different jobs and types of games. There are double-edged knives for direct hunting of knives, gut hook knives for easy dismemberment of the prey and a variety of Bowie knives, skinned and pointed. A good hunter identifies the type of knife that best suits his needs and uses them correctly.

Hunting Knife

When looking to buy a good hunting knife, a person should look at the design of the blade itself. It must be configured with a greater weight to allow it to cut the thick meat from the slaughters. It must also be well balanced for easy handling and the handle must be made to fit the hand of the hunter. However, the type of game hunted can also play on what type of knife is purchased.

Best Two Types of Hunting Knives

There are two different types of blades, fixed and folding blades. Most modern knives follow the style of fixed or foldable sheet construction, with various leaf patterns and styles that are popular at that time. Although both types are characterized by their sharp surface shared for the purpose of cutting.

Fixed blade: a blade that does not fold or slide, is usually stronger due to the extension of the blade in the handle and lacks moving parts

Folding blade: a blade that is connected to the handle through a pivot, which allows the blade to fold into the handle. The folding blades are ideal for daily transport due to its compact design.

Characteristics of a Hunting Knife

A knife is a cutting tool with a cutting edge or blade, with or without a handle. The characteristics of a modern Hunting Knives are:

  • A knife
  • One handle
  • A pointed point located at the end of the knife.
  • An edge: the cutting and sharp surface of the blade that extends from the heel to the tip.
  • A grinding: the cross section of the sheet.
  • A spine – the thickest section of the leaf
  • A more complete: the groove added to make the blade lighter
  • A ricasso: the flat section of the blade located where the blade and guard are located.
  • A protector: called the anti-slip protector, the barrier between the blade and the handle that prevents the hand from sliding and cutting the blade.
  • One handles – or stops, the end of the handle
  • A safety rope (optional): the strap, usually attached to the handle, which is fastened to the wrist to secure the knife

How hunting knives are used today

As the first tool of humanity, knives were used for everything from the protection and hunting of food. Hunting knives are still used with the same intentions that were used millions of years ago. However, nowadays they are mainly used for sport and hunting. As technology continues to evolve so will knife construction.


As our oldest tool, the knife has played a fundamental role in the history of mankind. If you are looking for a knife yourself, visit our selection of Hunting knives for sale. Or if you want more information on knives, knives in general and useful tips, then visit us at for more information.


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