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Types of Kitchen Knives

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10 Must Have Types of Kitchen Knives

Essential Kitchen Knives For Every Kitchen

Are you an avid cook or a wannabe chef who wants to improve and improve their cooking skills? When the chefs ask their favorite tools when they are in the kitchen, everyone will say that their chef’s knife is their favorite but essential tool when they are in the kitchen.


For those who want to improve their preparation skills and get a variety of delicacies, first invest in the right knife. With over 10 different types of kitchen knives available, we’ll walk you through their differences as you explain why a Santoku is different from a Clever.

When you visit Damascus1, you will meet a variety of British woods, but many customers are uncertain about which knife best suits their kitchen and cooking style.

Chef’s Knife

A soccer knife is also referred to as a cook’s knife and is characteristic of its blade measuring between 6 and 14 centimeters in length. With a slight curve visible on top of the blade, this knife is suitable for all cooking needs. Shape slices of meat to fold vegetables, the Chef’s knife is an all-embracing knife!

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Paring Knife

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Another handy knife and a top choice when you get into the knife loader looks like a mating knife like a smaller chef knife. The mating knife is an ideal choice for cutting vegetables and defrosting seafood, as well as peeling fruits.

Utility Knife

With a blade that is between 4 and 7 centimeters long, the nuts are a handy tool for when precision counts. Cut from vegetables, cut delicately through fruits and vegetables, the cutlery can cut bread and cakes. Looking for a longer mating knife, the utility knife is ideal for cutting smaller ingredients.

Bread Knife

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The knife for bread lovers, a bread knife is most appreciated when it comes to the effortless cutting of your homemade bread. A larger version of the selected utility knife, the bread knife is designed to be cut clean by the bread without crushing the whole bread.

Carving Knife

A long, thinner version of the much-loved chef knife, the snymes are a knife for those who want meat cuts effortlessly. With a blade ranging between 8 and 15 centimeters in length, the long blade for precise, thin cut of slow cooked meat is ideal for Sunday Roast and Christmas Dinners.


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An iconic tool in Asian cuisine, the popularity of cooking with cleavage is on the rise. A large rectangular knife, cut with a rocker can only look scary. Ideal for cutting, cutting with a slit, is also recommended for those who want to prepare and cut their ingredients as thinly as possible.

Steak Knife

Medium or well done, regardless of your preference, enjoy a well-prepared steak board, cut with a sharp and durable steak knife. With lubricated blades cut a steak knife through your steak effortlessly and make light work of this tiring task!

Kitchen Shears


Kitchen scissors have multiple kitchen uses. Whether it’s from herbs, cut vegetables to cut meat, kitchen scissors can do it all. Extremely sharp and with strong blades, kitchen scissors make the perfect tool to cut herbs to sour your dishes.


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A popular knife that is the Santoku knife. A Japanese version of the Chef’s knife, the Santoku is an everyday knife. Ideal for cutting, cutting and cutting, the Santoku can easily and easily cut through meat and vegetables.

Lettuce Knife

The ultimate brewing, you may have wondered why all the lettuce you see is made of plastic. This is because the metal, in ordinary knives, causes oxidation of the salad, spoils it and reduces its life span. Keep food longer for longer with the blade knife.

Now that we are aware of the different uses between each of these 10 basic kitchen knives, you understand the role of each knife. When the time comes to invest in a new set of quality kitchen knives, visit for a wide variety of professional knives.

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