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Your new website is live … and now what? The launch of a new website is a great achievement that can do wonders for your business: it can establish an attractive brand identity, improve credibility, create a positive perception of your business and outperform your competition. But while a new website is an important milestone, it is not the end of your marketing journey.

Once you have a new website, you need to find ways to attract people, because no matter how excellent your website is, if nobody sees it, it can’t help your business.

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This is what you need to include in your list of marketing tasks as soon as your new website is up and running.

Start Developing New Content

Having high quality content and frequently updated on your website, whether with a company blog, press releases, events or content on the page, can increase your ranking on Google, help generate inbound traffic to your website , demonstrate leadership and thinking authority in your industry, generate leads and drive conversions, and give your company a strong and unique voice.Start with a content audit to make a complete inventory of what content you have, determine what content needs to be updated and identify opportunities to create new content.Then, develop a content strategy based on your business goals, then start creating content that offers an excellent user experience.

Establish A Strong Presence In Social Networks

Social networks can be an excellent tool to connect with your customers and bring them back to your website, and now that you have a website you can be proud of, it’s time to step up your efforts.First, perform a full social media audit to give you a complete description of all your social media marketing efforts to date. Notice which social media platforms have been the most successful in terms of interaction and conversions, and for each channel determine how many followers you have, how often you have been posting, what types of social media posts you have used, and what posts you have been the most Popular with your followers.

Next, take a look at the demographics and interests of your customer base, target audience and buying people, and use that information, combined with the results of your social media audit, to decide on which social media platforms you should be your business. Once you’ve chosen social media platforms that are more closely aligned with your business goals, create a publishing schedule and an editorial calendar and start creating social publications that incorporate your brand image and attract your followers.

Consider Digital Advertising

Making people access your website through organic searches and social network traffic can be difficult, but there is a shortcut: digital advertising. In fact, digital advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, graphic ads and social media advertising, has been so successful that companies now spend more on digital advertising than on television, print and television ads. radio combined. Before you start using any type of digital advertising, you must establish what your goals are. Are you looking for brand awareness? Immediate sales? Leading generation? An increase in the monitoring of social networks? The answer will determine what type of digital advertising to use. If you are using a call to action in your ads, be sure to create an attractive landing page for potential customers to take the desired action.

Use Email To Connect With Your Customers

Almost everyone uses email, which makes it one of the best ways for companies to reach customers. Email not only has a large user base (there are 3.9 billion email users worldwide, almost twice as many users on any social media channel), it is easy and affordable to use and offers an excellent return on the investment. If you don’t have a solid collection of customer emails yet, start by creating your email list. Once you have a solid list of valid email addresses that belong to people who have indicated interest in your brand, determine what types of emails you want to send.

Options include welcome emails to introduce you to new customers, an email newsletter to inform customers what’s new with your brand, offer emails to offer customers exclusive discounts or special offers, and emails that They aim to deepen the relationship with your customers by asking them to take a survey, post a review or provide a testimonial for their website. When sending emails, be sure to use an attractive issue that makes customers want to open the email and determine the proper shipping frequency for their emails, so that it stays in the minds of customers without overwhelming them. Optimizing your website to make it easier to find by search engines used to create a list of relevant keywords and sprinkle them freely throughout the content of your website. These days, it is much more complicated.

People are using new forms of search, and search engines have greatly improved their understanding of what search engines look for (search intent), and then deliver search results that give them the answers they are looking for. To ensure that the content of your website appears as a high-ranking search result for all types of search, be sure to optimize the content of your website for local search, image search and voice search.

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