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Best use non-woven bags

A non-woven bag supplier in China consists of a non-woven bags polypropylene fabric. Such a fabric is a combination of staple fiber and long fibers connected by mechanical, chemical and solvent or heat treatment. Moreover, the probability of improving the density is high, just add a reinforced base.

The packages offer many benefits, which include durability, breathability, water repellent, competitive prices, biodegradability and more. Signac is a major non-woven bags supplier in China.

Features of Non-Woven Bag

Soft, air-permeable and smooth polypropylene fiber, spun, as well as knitted, forms the main material for the manufacture of a non-woven set. After that, the spinning wheel processes the fabric and randomly distributes them. Fiber bonding follows through the use of mechanical or thermal methods. Bags made from this material provide absorbency, softness, resilience, strength, water repellent, thermal insulation, tensile strength, durability and sterility. In addition, the non-woven bags is hypoallergenic, lightweight, reusable and attractive. On average, a can last more than 5 years.

The non-woven bags is waterproof, so moisture cannot get inside and below. In fact, the production of packages includes various sizes, styles and colors depending on the needs of the client. They can serve as gifts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and other events. Non-woven bags have various shapes, which include: reusable shopping bags, bags, clothes bags and gift bags with ties. Other forms are Velcro or zipper bags, thermal bags, and food bags. The use of bags extends to shopping centers and various industries for the packaging and transportation of heavy products. Moreover, these bags are recyclable and therefore do not harm the environment.

This bag is used for corporate branding. Knitted fabric makes them very good for printing. Company logos and other inscriptions printed on them for advertising and other advertising purposes. Put several products in this multi-functional package, for example, wedding gifts, children’s Easter gifts, and others. You can pack customer products in your beautifully crafted non-woven bags and enjoy promotions whenever they use them. The bag is also easy to clean and very affordable.

Types of Nonwoven Bags

Rice bags:

Nonwoven bags are durable and perfect for packing rice and other cereals. These bags have long been replaced by jute rice bags previously used for this purpose. Fashionable non-woven bags rice look fashionable, so rice producers prefer to use them to pack their cereal products.

Non-woven shopping bags:

Distribution of shopping non-woven bags in almost every store for a wide range of products. Due to the growing need to stop using non-biodegradable plastic bags, shopping bags are quickly gaining popularity. In addition to their beautiful and fashionable appearance, these bags have reusable features. By unpacking food or other items, you can easily clean your bag. It is used either to pack another product, or to conveniently move products from one place to another.

Tote Bags:

The word tote means carry. Therefore, tote bags can be used to carry from one place to another. Non-woven bags also have durability for long-term use. They are easy to create and print vivid images and colors just to improve their appearance and increase sales. Other features include functionality and style, as a result of which they have a great preference for manufacturers.

Wedding bags:

Non-woven bags specially designed for wedding guests to take home as a token of gratitude. They come in many shapes, sizes and designs to suit the theme of the wedding. The use of bags extends to gifts such as pieces of cake, handkerchief, cutlery set, notebooks and / or pens. After unpacking these bags, guests can use them for any other purpose. Wedding bags can also be used at other events, such as fundraising, anniversaries, business events, gala concerts and others.

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