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Cheap Damascus steel Hunting Knives For Sale

Damascus steel knives are premium hunting knives designed for a variety of tasks, including cleaning and skinning. Each Damascus knife is handmade through countless hours of forging and heat treatments, which ensures that each Damascus steel blade is unique and unique.

Damascus knives are the most reliable and durable knives on the market. The blade of these knives is full tang, which means that the blade of Damascus steel knives pierce the entire handle. (Continue, search for damascus steel on google)

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Hand-Forged Damascus Steel Bone Handle

This hand-forged Damascus steel knife is one of our best hunting and skinning knives. This knife is handmade through prolonged heat treatments, which makes this Damascus blade a premium hunting knife.

Damascus steel blade is a full tang blade, which makes it very reliable and durable. The smooth edge blade is perfect for skinning and making clean cuts, without damaging the game meat. In addition, this simple feature allows the user to easily sharpen this knife. With each Damascus knife purchase, you will be provided with a knife sharpener, ensuring that your knife always stays sharp. Damascus steel blade is also a fixed blade. This guarantees confidence when using this knife to skin or clean the game, since the user will not have to worry about the knife bending over them during use.

The camel bone handle is top quality and provides an excellent and comfortable grip. However, with bone handles, if exposed to wet conditions for prolonged periods of time, it may deteriorate slowly. This can be easily avoided by cleaning and cleaning the handle from time to time.

This damascus knife comes with a leather sheath, which protects the blade and handle when it is inactive. In addition, the leather case allows the user to fasten this Damascus steel knife to his belt, maximizing portability.

As for the specifications, this damascus knife has a total length of 8 inches. The sturdy Damascus steel blade is four inches long and 4 millimeters thick. The green and white buffalo bone handle measures four inches, providing the user with a perfect fit in the hand.

With a robust construction and prolonged heat treatments, this Damascus knife was designed to last a lifetime. The best feature of this knife is the low cost. With this knife, you get quality, reliability, durability and top quality functionality at a discounted price. These qualities make this knife one of the best Damascus steel hunting knives for sale.

Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife

This Damascus steel folding hunting knife is perfect if you are looking for a premium and portable outdoor hunting knife. This damascus knife has most of the advantages like the damascus steel knife mentioned above.

This damascus knife has a double-edged damascus steel blade with clip tip. The double-edged feature of this Damascus blade makes it a versatile and versatile knife. The front edge of the blade is smooth, which makes it perfect for precise and clean cuts. This ensures that the internal meat remains intact when skinning the game. In addition, the smooth edge easily sharpens, which guarantees that this knife will last for many years. The edge of the blade is partially serrated, which is perfect for making traction cuts through rough materials, such as a rope. Although, the partial serrated rear edge of the blade is a little harder to sharpen, although it can be made easier with a knife sharpener.

In addition, the blade of this knife does not have a full tang like the fixed blade mentioned above. Therefore, it is not as durable in relation to the previous Damascus fixed blade knife. A minimum decrease in durability is expected when comparing folding blades with fixed blades. However, the Damascus steel blade in this folding knife is still very durable and reliable. In addition, the small decrease in durability is compensated with maximum portability.

This damascus knife features a buffalo horn handle, which provides a comfortable and strong grip when cleaning, cutting, slicing or skinning.

This Damascus knife is a folding pocket knife, which can easily be carried in your pocket. If you prefer to keep your knife by your side, this Damascus pocket knife comes with a premium leather sheath, which allows the user to place this Damascus folding knife on their belt.

This damascus knife measures 8.5 inches in total length. Damascus steel blade is 4 inches long and 3 millimeters thick, which makes this Damascus knife one of our most durable knives. The buffalo bone handle is 4.5 inches long.

The increased portability and accessibility with this Damascus steel pocket knife hunting knife, the high quality blade, as well as the discounted price, make this one of the best cheap Damascus steel hunting knives for sale.

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