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Your tool is the right thing to do with search engines. People constantly have a lot of problems: how to find a man, how to make a manicure, how to open a business, how to choose a franchise. These are all media issues that need high-quality detection. Today is a global trend: once content is created, which will constantly bring organic traffic (ie, stream free search).
If you have your own online school, there are experts, theoretical developments and practical courses that can be packaged in the article in the form of the correct material. In return, search engines will be happy to index. Here is the source of organic traffic and potential free customers (leads).
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How do you start creating content? Where can I find articles for articles?

If you’re going or already running the company code, start typing all the topics you’re working on. The better the case, for example, it turns out to be a thousand subjects. Then choose them, for example, two hundred – the most important and required after. Focus on these topics when writing articles. By knowing the most common search engine algorithms and queries, these articles can be improved, thus increasing their likelihood of reaching the top.
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How to invest your content? Is advertising necessary?

No need to buy ads. If you have a product, have experience, and run a blog, you’ll comment on the right content and share it on social networks. Because of this, they will be categorized. Only this must be done regularly, the best time of the day.
Often, entrepreneurs do not write themselves, and find authors of a book. What is the best way to interact with authors? And in what form to create collaborative content?
In our experience, in such broad outlets as astrology, tarot cards, psychology, there are many authors of a qualified book with tertiary education. Recruitment officers will help you find these specialists at your request. These authors will be able to write quality articles themselves.

If your subject is tight, such as bankruptcy, various bankruptcy trade, and SEO promotion, it is best to prepare for the author of the articles you want to pack. For example, to say blocks, to illustrate the desired structure of materials. This synergy will help achieve the desired results.

How long does it take to get some real traffic through the content?

If your project is already known, known in the market, there are ads and the site, for example, five years, then correcting technical errors, charging sales and optimization elements can take up to 3-4 months. But these results succeed only at the expense of site powers.

If we mean a starting point for a new domain, when you just opened an online school, and the blog was still empty, SEO is basically ranking for sites and their competitors. Any site that has parameters: age, number of pages, ability to update, connectivity. If you want to reach the top, you must meet the criteria of the competitors at the top. If you’re pretending to have complex requests, you will not go there until the site parameters are insufficient. For example, if there is a competitor with 10,000 pages at the top or 100 articles per month updated on their site, the promotion takes 3 to 4 months. In the commercial outlets can get real results closer to the end of the working year.

Are there any exceptions to this rule? What do you do when you need quick results?
If you want quick results, monitor your niche. Now there are real cases when entrepreneurs do not want to do business and donate projects for only 100,000 to 200,000 rubles. You can buy such an undervalued site, hang out the right magnets and banners and get thousands of new customers daily.

What ranges should I prefer when registering?

Now someone registers domains .bz, bis, .org .com and others. Google prefers local domains. Domain ranked .com best. I highly recommend it.
How effective is the investment of content versus ad?
Each niche is individual. But money spent on content will necessarily increase traffic, because the result of search engine optimization is an increase in search flow. How they will be invested – Depends on the product. But first, it’s recommended to test paid traffic.

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