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How to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

I have been writing various pieces of paper for many years. However, I always know that blog writing skills need to improve, no matter how many years you write. Therefore, one day I woke up a great idea to experiment one week to make this blog writing skills respected.

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One thing I have learned during this experiment is that you must do your best to succeed in content development. If you want to master your blog writing skills per week, read the following information and try to make the most of it.

Day 1

Start your week with one important thing – learn the art of perfect blog writing. Of course, to write a high-quality blog post, you should understand its main features. You can surf the Internet to get this information or look at this handy blog about writing a blog. In summary, there are five basic elements that each blog post should contain:

Interesting idea:

Analyze your audience, find out their sums, and brainstorm a great idea that could be useful for your readers. A good writer adds quality over quantity, so his texts gets shares, they like, and more readers.

Prudent headline:

If you want to get more readers, provide a prudent and descriptive headline. People say that a well-written headline is one of the most important aspects of each blog post. The larger your headline, the more readers keep reading the full text.

Introduction to hook:

To capture your readers’ attention, you must write a great introduction, revealing key moments on your topic. Write some statistical data, add a quotation, and add a controversial thesis statement to your audience.

Media content:

If you want to help your readers understand your insight better, you need to use text and media content. There are many types of visual content: images, charts, information graphics, videos, photos, etc. Use photo stocks to find relevant images, or create themselves.

Improving readability:

There is one simple rule that all writers should be aware of: Put your readers first. Although you are writing an article, think about improving readability. Try to use simple words, write short sentences and paragraphs, add subheads, create bullet lists.

Of course, there are many other features that all blog posts should have (relevant quotes and links, tips and pieces of advice, a well written conclusion, a call to action, and social media buttons). The next time you write your text, check if it has all the elements mentioned above.

Day 2

If you know how to write a logical and informative blog post, it’s great. If you know how interesting a subject is, it’s even better! Devote your Tuesday to this question: study how to make your texts more interesting.

Call spade with spade:

The writers look closely at the web, so they use complex sentences, theoretical definitions and, therefore, their texts are too boring to read. Unfortunately, if your readers are not scientists, they probably don’t understand your texts well.

Typical 5 Writers Mistakes:

Without audience analysis: As I have already said, you need to know the needs of your audience. If you want to know what you should write to paste their attention, do this analysis. For example, if you write for business people, there is no point in giving life hacks to them for recent grads.

Complex sentences:

It is difficult to read the same article 4-5 times to understand. Most people would read that text reading, so you would prefer to share your texts (short paragraphs and sentences, simple words).

Product notification:

While you want to promote your product or service, try not to do it in your text. Obviously there are foul people out of web ads: there are banners, Google ads, and videos everywhere. Try to make interesting texts available to your audience but not selling.

Lack of examples:

When writing your blog, think about the best examples to create your view. Whatever type of sample you choose, whether you have personal experience, good practice or fictional situations, you need to show your ideas to make a more interesting text.

Without proofreading:

Everyone makes mistakes, and is normal. However, if you are a professional writer, you must avoid typos, grammar and spelling errors. So, when your text is made, give it time and read your text.

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