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How to make a brand relevant today

In today’s turbulent world, even the most established brands cannot withstand. The best brands have to blend innovation with tradition – after all, it is this ability to evolve and adapt constantly that has kept them in business for a long time. But how do organizations with so much history look to the future with their brands? How long will it take from the past and when will weigh you in instead of raising your message?

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A brand new name can signal a positive change within the company – a change that takes strength from its past but looks confident and optimistic in the future. Unlike brands that are constantly looking to reinvent themselves,  brands often enjoy the trust and credibility that have accumulated over the years but may have established traditions and know-how, often passed down from generation to generation, and can sometimes feel stuck in Last, struggling to stay relevant. For a brand, innovation can feel the risk of losing what distinguishes it. While some brands have built a custom of innovation, others have used their custom to explode innovation.Therefore, working with a brand is a delicate dance between the past and the future. When we recently renamed the brand, one of the oldest family-run breweries, we faced the challenge of taking a well-known, beloved and respected brand not only to rename it but also to create a modern and innovative identity that is both proud of its history.

Here are the lessons learned from the experience:

To keep the brand alive you need a fascinating story to build from

We realized that the brand’s story sparked engagement, and with the Wells family, we did not need to look far to discover a history full of vision, passion and energy. From the great, great, great grandfather who gave up life at sea for love and bought a brewery, and how 140 years later they sold the old brewery out of collective brewing, it is clear that innovation and leaps of faith are part of the family DNA. We have taken these stories and made them visible and made them relevant to today’s customers by integrating them into the fabric of their interiors and marketing. Stories must be shared in order to stay alive.

Use the past as an inspiration for the future

We looked back to learn from the five generations of Wales family history. By searching our archives, we found W characteristic repeated time and time again and used it as a starting point to inspire us. However, we needed more than a reference to their past, we wanted something that had a deeper meaning to support them in the future – and that’s where the triangles appeared.The shape of the simple triangle that we used to build was the three components of hops, barley and yeast that were added to the water to make beer. From simplicity comes complexity.

Listen to what your customers want today

Although innovation does not remain constant. Must be graceful and innovative. We had this in abundance. They took their story from their past, but used this  to build a new brewery where customers will be welcomed to share their story, taste beer and participate in the fermentation process, and effectively present their history to new customers every day. This is where traditional brands can be smart. By taking credibility, experience and years of experience in sharpening their product or service but listening to what customers want today – be they craft and craft beer – they can play on their  while building a new audience for their brands. Weave storytelling in the mix to help engage these new customers and take them on a journey that may have been made by existing customers, allowing them to understand brand values ​​and get to the point of engagement faster and ultimately become a faster conversion. Brands do not need to die brands with aging fans. It is about taking lessons from the past and weaving them with the demands of the present that help create long-term brands that can continue to flourish yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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