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Types of kurti that your wardrobe needs right now!

Kurtis are loved by women all around the globe and why wouldn’t they be? They’re a work of beauty! You’ll find many different types of kurti if you went on a wardrobe search around the country. While there are many different types of kurtis, there’s something they all share, no matter the color, pattern or kurti design, all kurtis are super comfortable and prepossessing.

The choice is endless. No matter what your style statement is, you’ll find the perfect one for you.

If you think you know all the types of Women kurta Online that exist, you might want to rethink! If kurtis excite you then this listicle of different types of kurtis is just the thing for you!

Kaftan Kurti – Taking Inspiration from Middle Eastern Beauties!

A kaftan kurti has its origins in the Middle East. This kurti is characterized by its loose fit, a tightened belt around the waist and wide flared arms.

The kaftan kurti can be long or short, depending on your personal style choice. Solid color kaftan kurtis are usually a popular choice. Since this kurti resembles a poncho it is quite often referred to as the poncho kurti.

Rein like A Royal in Angrakha Kurti

Unlike any other kurti design, the angrakha looks the best when it has a traditional block-print design. Maybe, some things look best with a hint of tradition and heritage?

This type of kurti looks best on women who have a very thin and petite frame.

Anarkali Kurti – A Classic That’s here To Stay

This kurti design is so versatile; you can wear it to a big fat wedding and even for a casual lunch with your friends. In fact, this flared kurti can even be worn as a dress – talk about an all-rounder!

Such types of kurti look good on every body type, so you can happily fill your closet with anarkali style kurtis.

Chic Denim Kurti for the Non-Conformists!

The denim kurti is more commonly known as the shirt style kurti. It’s safe to assume that the denim kurti was inspired by the denim shirt, hence the similarities.

This denim kurti looks great when worn to work and even a casual day out in the mall. Since this shirt style kurti is usually mid-thigh length, it suits people with a slim and toned lower body.

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