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5 tips for successful shopping on the internet

Are you more of an online or in-store buyer?

I’ve always loved shopping, but since the birth of my little one, I don’t have much time to shop in Paris.

I prefer to reserve my weekends for more family activities (ah the joys of the square!) And especially the prospect of running the crowded stores on Saturdays no longer makes me dream AT ALL. Little by little, I really changed my consumption habits and I now buy 75% of my clothes and those of my children on the internet. Strangely, I noticed that my pleasure was the same as if I had bought something in store and I am always very impatient to receive my package!

Shopping on the internet has many advantages:

  • You have access to ALL the shops and all the brands on the market from your sofa!
  • There is often more choice and more inventory than in the storeavoid crowded stores (goodbye long queues at fitting rooms and at the checkout)
  • We can take our time to think about a purchasewe are not pushed to buy by an insistent seller (and we avoid buying errors)
  • There are often private offers or promo codes reserved for online purchases

.. and some disadvantages.

  • We do not see the article in person
  • We also can’t try it on to make sure it fits us sometimes
  • We have to pay the shipping cost to return it

We can clearly see that the list of advantages is longer than those of disadvantages! As I said above, I am already convinced by the benefits of online shopping even if I sometimes stroll in stores to do some scouting or have a real crush and buy a garment which was not planned in the program (it is more and more rare since I created the Dressing Ideal but I remain nevertheless a fashionista with its weaknesses.

Shopping with a few clicks has become so obvious to me that I am always amazed to hear that some people are afraid to shop on the internet or are not sure how to do it. However, it’s very simple, just put stuff in your basket and validate your purchases by giving your address and credit card number.

No more joking, here are more 5 tips for successful internet shopping:

Know your size and measurements

Unfortunately, we cannot try on the clothes on the Internet specially jump suit for ladies UAE so it is better to know your size or measurements perfectly. If you’ve never measured your shoulder width or bust length before, now might be the time to do it! It can really help you if in doubt when you are hesitating between two sizes. So yes, it may sound tedious but you will only need to do it once, so take your tape measures! Most e-shops offer a size guide with typical measurements for each size.

Sometimes some brands even indicate what size the model is wearing, it’s really handy! For example for this dress, the site specifies “Our model wears a size 36 and measures 176 cm”. This allows you to quickly compare your own measurements to those of the model and deduce the size we need. Some brands even give you size advice per product. For example, for this Tomboy shirt, the brand recommends taking the size below if you hesitate between two sizes.

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