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Buying An Air Conditioner In Pakistan

With the arrival of summer, most people would feel inclined to buy a new air conditioning system or repair existing ones. If you are ready to overcome the heat wave, you are one of many. According to estimates, up to 30% of homes in Pakistan will be equipped with air conditioning systems by 2019. With global warming becoming a pressing issue and the need for cooling systems to become more than just a luxury, this figure seems justified.

That said, considering that you are ready to prepare for the temperature rise, here is everything you need to know before making the purchase.

Things to consider before buying

Installation place

The first thing to consider is where you are looking to install the air conditioner. This will determine the size, type and price of the air conditioner you need. The 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Price in Pakistan is much cheaper compared to others.

If you have a room without a window, a split air conditioner is more viable, considering the cost of installation. On the other hand, you should also consider the space outside the room where you would need to place the external unit.

It is also advisable to consider the angle at which the air would flow into the room. One strategy is to let the air blow into the room from the entrance inwards. This ensures that cold air is not thrown into a door or window that opens, resulting in better cooling.

1.5 Ton Inverter AC Price in Pakistan


An air conditioner is an appliance that is expected to combine with its interiors, therefore, its design is something you should consider carefully. Most air conditioners are shipped in a color variant that makes it suitable for installation in most rooms. However, there are also ACs that come in different colors and patterns. A design air conditioner may be suitable for dark rooms. For light-colored themed rooms, a white one should work well.

You may also want to consider other features that come with the AC to meet your requirements. Most ACs in the market come with a remote control. There are also some that take advantage of home automation. These ACs support WiFi connectivity. This allows them to host some additional features. For example, the intelligent CA offered by General Pakistan.

Room noise tolerance level.

If you are looking to place the air conditioner at home, the noise from the air conditioner is not always a decisive factor, however, if you are looking to install the appliance in the bedroom or in the studio, you can reconsider it. Window ACs make much more noise than split air conditioners. Split air conditioners consist of two components; the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is where the compressor and fan are located. If the outdoor unit is placed at a distance from the outer side of the room, noise levels can be reduced. However, this can increase the cost of installation of conduits and wiring. The AC window is suitable for most living rooms in small and medium-sized homes.

Brand choice

There are several brands that manufacture AC, some old and renowned and others that are new and not so popular. Although this option is filtered to personal opinion, sometimes you should consider other brands without prejudice. For example, most people would opt for a specific brand (considering they have had a good experience with other appliances they have used (such as televisions). However, air conditioners are built differently and require more maintenance. One should Choose a brand based wisely on these criteria.

  1. Initial cost of air conditioning.
  2. Cost of spare parts
  3. Maintenance cost
  4. Availability of service centers around your home.

Split Air Conditioners

These are the most used type of cooling equipment that can be found in most homes. It is very popular since it is relatively less expensive and easier to install. The divided CAs are divided into two units: indoor unit and outdoor unit. Since the main machinery that creates noise is outside the room, split air conditioners reduce noise levels compared to window air conditioners.


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