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Complete guide to the women’s blouse

The woman’s blouse has become a staple in the female wardrobe. Originally reserved for men, the blouse is now worn by many women, business women or not.

The women’s shirt differs from the blouse by its much more rigid appearance. Indeed, the women’s shirt is a feminine variant of the men’s shirt, so it is more formal than a blouse. For example, at the level of the collar and the cuffs, a woman’s shirt will be more rigid than a blouse. The fabrics used for a shirt are also much more fluid, so this type of garment offers less hold than a shirt.

In this article, Hola Amor offers you a complete guide to the blouse for women. Want to know more? We have jot down some important references that would help you in this regard:

How to choose your woman’s blouse?

In order to choose your blouses for women UAE, many elements must be taken into account. Here’s a full guide below.

The length

The last important item to check when purchasing your blouse is length. It all depends on the effect you want: for a more business look, opt for a mid-length blouse (which reaches the middle of your pelvis). For a casual look, choose a longer blouse that you can tuck into your pants (only the front of the blouse) for a “hastily put on” effect that will reveal your belt.

Collars and cuffs

For the collar and cuffs of your blouse, it’s important to think about how stiff you want. Indeed, the more the collar and the cuffs will be rigid, the more your blouse will have a very formal aspect. For a more relaxed effect, choose a softer collar and cuffs, but not too much, in order to have a minimum of hold.

For the neck more specifically, there are different shapes. Depending on the shape you choose, your blouse will look different. Regarding the size of the collar, it must be adapted to the size of your neck. Little tip: button your collar entirely; for it to be the right size, you must have room to run a finger between the fabric and your skin.

If you have a large neck, go for large collars; conversely if you have a small neck, go for smaller collars. Most often in women, the collar is unbuttoned, but nothing prevents you from wearing it buttoned to give a preppy effect to your style!

For the cuffs, they should be chosen neither too wide nor too tight! The ideal size is one that prevents you from removing your blouse when it is buttoned at the cuffs. But be careful, you must still have a certain ease in your movements. You can choose classic cuffs with one, two or even three buttons depending on the style you want; or musketeer cuffs (to wear with cufflinks) for a business look.

Made-to-measure blouses are the assurance of an impeccable blouse. All the problems mentioned above with blouses sold in stores will be a distant bad memory after trying the tailor-made!

Indeed, it is you who choose your blouse entirely. First, you choose your fabric, then the cut you want, the collar, the cuffs, the length of the blouse and the sleeves. The blouse will be perfectly adapted to your morphology and will therefore be unique, for a zero-defect finish.

If desired, other customization options are possible. For example, we can embroider your initials or choose a different fabric for the inside of the collar, etc.

We make your clothes entirely made to measure in the best workshops with a hand finished.

We offer clothing for women. Discover our women’s collection.

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