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Long shirt dress: 7 looks ideas and tips to be trendy with

Attention girls, alert ultra-trendy piece to get as soon as possible! After the classic short shirt dress, boyfriend trend, it’s the turn of its long version to shine on the most influential fashionistas of the moment, and we fall completely.

At the same time feminine, chic and bohemian, the long shirt dress is THE piece to add to your wardrobe. We give you 7 look ideas and some tips to be trendy with a long shirt dress.

Tips for choosing your long shirt dress

Before embarking on the look ideas, it is preferable to make a little guidebook “which shirt dress to choose”.

You will quickly notice when you take a look at the shelves (virtual or not) of ready-to-wear stores that the long shirt dress is a piece that can be declined as best you can, and that faced with so many options, choosing is not always easy. In short, we tell you everything, right away.

Choose according to your style

Obviously, the first criterion that will help you choose your long shirt dress is your style.

You wouldn’t think of falling for a polka-dot print model when your style is more rock-chic! We magnify the line a bit but you get the idea: go for something that you can easily match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Choose according to your morphology

We can imagine that you guessed it: your long shirt dresses for women online Pakistan is to be chosen according to your body type.

To find out if a model suits you, the best is still to try it, but here are some tips to guide you:

If you are skinnier, opt for an oversized fit, to wear belted to mark your size.

If you are more round, we recommend a fitted shirt dress that is long enough but with an asymmetrical bottom (shorter in front than behind) to lengthen and refine your legs.

You are small, go your way: the shirt dress in the long version is rather made for adults

Current trends

The last criterion of choice for your shirt dress is the trends of the moment.

At the top of the podium is the long floral print shirt dress (tapestry or XXL, your choice), deliciously bohemian star on the networks.

We also see many models with animal prints, including zebra and leopard, and beautiful dresses in wax.

The other print we love on a long shirt dress is vertical stripes, very trendy and perfect for lengthening a silhouette.

Beyond that, solid colors are also very popular, whether they are classic (black and white) or more daring (fuchsia, Klein blue, electric purple …).


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