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Place a Roof Skylight: The Benefits Listed

If you want to make the attic a pleasant place to stay that has enough light and enough walkable space, the placement of a roof skylight must undoubtedly be considered. They do not cost too much and give a lot more light, so that the attic becomes a space in itself. In this article you can read what possibilities exist and what are the prices and benefits of a roof skylight.
Have a ridge or skylight installed?
The choice between a roof skylight and an umbrella is not too difficult. If it’s all about creating more space, a skylight is, in fact, the only option. By installing a roof skylight, you are immediately freed from a boring oblique ceiling where you cannot get up. By placing a roof skylight here, you go directly to a large part of the walkable space. What’s more, the room becomes much lighter with windows that we can open. A roof skylight creates additional space in the house that can serve several purposes. For example, you can use the new space as a bathroom, a study, or an extra bedroom.
If you only need more light and better ventilation, installing one or more ridge is the best option. They are much cheaper than a roof skylight and easier to install. You do not gain space, but a wide ridge can already give a different view to a room.
Roof skylight prefabricated or custom?
It is possible to choose between a fixed price skylight that was prefabricated in the workshop and a custom skylight, where the roof skylight is mounted on site. An overview of the (dis) advantages:
Roof skylight prefabricated
Prefabricated roof skylights are very popular. They are available in different models and measures. In most cases, they are made of wood or synthetic material, but this differs according to the brand and the model. A prefabricated skylight is made using some preferences that you can give in the factory. Then, it can be done in a day. This is done using a crane that places the skylight. As we use synthetic materials, dormers are very light. In this way, they can be placed on most inclined roofs, without this constituting a great burden for the construction of the roof. The prefabricated skylights are applied the most in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium they become more and more popular.
– can be placed quickly (for a day);
– is light and can therefore be applied on different types of roofs;
– Cheap: from 3500 to 4000 euro for a small skylight 2 meters wide;
– Space benefit and a lot of extra light.
Custom roof skylight

Everything is done on site using different building materials and completion. This type of skylight is chosen when there are specific requirements for the plan, dimensions and architecture. If you choose the skylight, you have to take into account that this is more expensive than a prefabricated skylight. It goes without saying that a cedar skylight 10 meters long will cost more than a skylight of 2 meters in completion in synthetic material. The format and materials chosen will therefore have a big impact on the price. Request prices online can be done via our quote service.
– Choice between different kinds of materials and completions;
– The particularities can, in most cases, be realized;
– The completion is of high quality.
Price roof skylight
A roof skylight can be best placed by a roofer. The work is quite difficult and requires a lot of experience, where you have to consider a watertight completion. If you have the skylight installed, you are sure that you will not have problems with the flow or draft afterwards. In addition, you are sure that the material will remain fixed, even if there is a storm or a whirlwind.
Authorization for the placement of a roof skylight
Do you want to install a roof skylight? Inform the municipality what the rules are for roof skylights. Sometimes, in particular, you have to ask for a permit from the surroundings. However, even if a concession is not necessary, you are dealing with rules that are recorded in the construction decision. In these, it is about health and safety aspects (like the height of the windows). Apart from this, the placement of a roof skylight cannot cause long-term inconvenience to the neighbors.
Request Quote: Roofing Work
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