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Prepare your wardrobe for the different seasons

Depending on whether it is very hot, very cold, or a mid-season climate, office clothing can change dramatically. It is therefore good to plan for different types of clothing to dress professionally, even quite chic, whatever the current or upcoming season.

Winter style

Winter is a good time to layer clothes. The blouses for women UAE can therefore fit perfectly into a cotton tank top, with a very feminine style. A coat, a very feminine parka or a pea coat can be worn over the “little” clothes. Easy sorting will be done depending on what is worn below.

Sweaters are to winter what slim tank tops are to summer; we cannot therefore neglect them. The cashmere sweater is one of the essentials to have in your wardrobe.

Summer clothes to go to work

When the weather is hot and it’s not yet time to go on vacation, it helps to persevere in your clothing choices and not let go. The first thing to think about is the material the clothes are made from. In summer, you need linen, cotton, so many fabrics that are pleasant to the touch and therefore also pleasant to the skin.

Textures that are too synthetic and clothes that are little too close to the body will promote perspiration, and consequently discomfort at work. You have to think of the tank top, the light and airy blouses, the loose top and not extreme neckline.

Dresses, summer skirts, airy jumpsuits, wide pants are also perfect for spending the season in the office, in style.

Accessories for fall and spring

In the fall, some adopt the rather long, pinched, sleeveless jacket which, worn with the appropriate loose pants, will be of great help. For those who like the more classic style, the floral print will certainly make a great alternative to a solid color scarf, when the temperatures are low enough.

The tailor is well indicated in winter, but also in spring. It is elegant at all times, gives a very well-groomed appearance and reflects the dress style expected in the workplace. In the spring, office workers can still use their jackets; keep heavy pants, and scarves.

Everyone is free to adapt their style to the weather, and when the temperatures are high, it is important to remember to be well covered. It is possible to choose different types of clothing that reflect the required dress code, with preference given to the tailor. Finally, the work environment is generally a shared space, which leads to having to adopt a correct dress style in order to show credibility.

There can be no question of dressing for the office as one would on a Sunday morning for the beach or for shopping. So whether there is a mandatory dress code in a company or this issue is not addressed at all, the principle is the same: certain clothes should never cross the threshold of the workplace. This is especially true if one wishes to maintain an image of respectability and seriousness.

Again, it all depends on the type of business involved. And what you have to understand is also that clothing in the workplace is not just a matter of complying with company regulations, but also a matter of personality, even self-respect.


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