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2 tips for finding the perfect dresses

A girl can spend hours and hours jumping from store to store, donning dress to dress, and coming home empty-handed. Finding the right dress for the ball is like the soul searching for certain girls. Finding ready to wear women clothing in the mall, or even better on the Internet, is easier and more convenient. If you are looking for a prom dress to wear on your special night, then read these tips on how you can rock the prom night.

Depending on your body shape or type

This first tip can be the most difficult to follow. There are thousands of formal dresses on the internet so how can you find one easily? To find the perfect dress, you first need to consider a few things. You can find cocktail dresses that will suit you based on your body type and skin color. It sounds a bit complicated but finding a dress based on these two factors will make the dress fit you naturally.

Your body type will help you find the style of the dress. Girls who are petite will find short cocktail dresses with flattering above the knee lengths. The short length of their dress will make them taller with longer legs. Girls who have a pear body shape should look for dresses that will take the eyes off the hips.

Try to look for dresses with an empire cut and flowing bottom. Ladies with the inverted triangle body shape can look for a dress with a puff bottom, which helps create an hourglass shape. Finally, girls blessed with an hourglass figure can wear any dress they like. Try on a dress that will enhance your petite waist. These types of dresses will enhance your features instead of the body parts you want to hide.

According to your skin color

The prom dress can come in different colors. To avoid looking too pale or too dark in your dress, choose a dress that will flatter your natural skin color. Let us categorize skin tone into three: undertones of blue or pink, undertones of gold, and gold with undertones of peach. People under the blue or pink undertone may have pale white, yellowish olive, or dark skin.

African Americans and many Asians fall into this category. People with a golden undertone may have pale or pink skin and have brown or pale eyes. Finally, people with typically strawberry red hair as well as blue or green eyes have golden undertones with a hint of peach.

If you are under the first category, blue or pink shade, then you should wear prom dresses with a clean or light color. Try a dress with the color black, navy, white, shocking pink and red. You can also try icy colors rather than pastel colors. Stay away from colors such as gold, orange and beige.

For the second group of skin tone, go for pastel, muted neutrals. Golden shades are also suitable for your skin tone. Cocktail dresses for people in this category should not try blue and black tones.

Girls in this group, golden shades with a little peach, should opt for dresses in warm colors. These colors include peach, golden brown, golden yellow, and camel. Colors to avoid are dull or dark colors.

Complementing your natural beauty means enhancing them. Your body has special strengths that you should flaunt while your skin color will shine even more, thanks to the dress you are wearing. Rock your prom night by searching for cheap evening dress on the internet. These tips will definitely make your shopping experience faster and easier.


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