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How to dress to go on vacation abroad?

Are you going on vacation in the South of France, in the sun in a neighboring country or on the other side of the world? Depending on your destination, the weather at your resort, but also local habits, your mobile wardrobe will not be the same. What can you take in your suitcase? What are the essential outfits, and which ones should be avoided?

Choose clothes for your vacation according to customs

Does each country have its own specific recommendations? Yes, we do not go to India with the same clothes as in Spain. You should find out in advance about the customs of the country you are visiting. You, but also your Jules will sometimes have to make some concessions.

The holy places are, logically, the most sensitive. To visit a mosque, you have to cover your arms and legs. In a Church, some enter in mini-shorts and tank top … It is a choice, but we recommend that you have an outfit more suited to your visit (loose pants in light material if it is hot, and a small top that covers the skin, which you can then remove). We women need to pay close attention to these codes. What happens if you don’t follow the rules about clothes? Wearing a tight, low-cut dress in a souk in a country where society is dominated by men is likely to be a bad experience.

The looks, the inappropriate words, even the physical reactions! Your behavior could be seen as irreverent and disrespectful, which it clearly is. So find out in advance, especially for trips to Asia or Arab countries.

Choose clothes for your vacation according to the weather and your activities

What will the weather be like at your vacation spot? This is a determining factor in choosing the right clothes. For “sun” destinations, the suitcase will logically be dominated by light tops, tank tops, pants ¾ but also shorts and skirts. If you are going for the cold, sweaters and cardigans will be part of the trip…

Remember to always bring a little black dress more “dressy” than your usual outfits (discover our selection of little black dresses). You wouldn’t want to find yourself in jeans for an impromptu dinner in a fancy restaurant. Also think about accessories. A dress even basic to become a “dressed” version with a well-placed belt, some jewels and a headband in the hair. The key word to prepare your business is therefore versatility.

Choose loose tops for warmer climates, and more fitted and chunky for a trip to colder climates. Watch out for patterns and t-shirts with messages, ask yourself if they may shock or challenge people on the spot.

Always bring at least one small sweater / cardigan. Even a trip to Greece in the middle of summer can surprise you with cool nights. It will be a little difficult to stay on the terrace if the cold falls too early, too bad.

Depending on the activities you are going to engage in, take your choice of more wide pants for women online New York or skirts / dresses. For a week’s trek on a salt lake, no need to bring your last cocktail dress…

Remember that you should also choose your clothes for your vacation according to your mode of transportation! If you travel by plane, you will have a limit, that of the suitcase and its weight (less than 25kg for checked baggage). Do not load your suitcase to the maximum before departure! You will not be able to bring back souvenirs or new clothes, unless you pay extra because of the weight…

If you travel by car, you have more freedom. This is no reason to make the trunk of the car an annex to your dressing room! Bringing too many clothes, you will get lost.


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