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5 practical tips to find your ideal office outfit

The opportunity to broach the subject of the most appropriate dress style for going to work and to find answers to the question we all asked ourselves in front of his wardrobe: How do I dress to go to work? We have collected your most frequent comments in order to best help you adopt the right outfit.

Hola Amor’s tip: Sometimes it is easier in the morning to put on a black outfit from top to bottom. The catch? You are dressed the same every day, and it’s not very cheerful. First, try changing your black pants for a gray or navy blue one.

Then try on a blouse with a print that will have some color and keep your jacket dark if you feel more comfortable. A black silhouette can also be brightened up with a pair of fancy pumps, red, in leopard-print calf-effect leather for example.

Hola Amor’s advice: Don’t force yourself! Femininity is not only found in skirts, far from it. Wear a pretty fluid blouse, give her jewelry, earrings or necklace (not both at the same time) and not flashy. You can also add a belt at the waist on a slightly large sweater to highlight your figure. Sometimes, you just need to shorten your pants for women online New York a little to reveal the ankle and add a pretty jewel to match a discreet lipstick to be ultra-feminine. Finished the skirt complex!

Hola Amor’s tip: Some women find that their looks don’t reflect who they are at work, such as when they have a teenage figure and gaining respect is not easy. You have to work on your upper body, which will be the area that will be the most watched when you express yourself.

So take a jacket with a middle that is maintained and clear your neck. Again, there is no obligation. Feeling comfortable in clothes that make us look sublime can be enough to give us the confidence we lack. You never smell as pretty as in something you like.

Hola Amor’s tip: Some mornings we all wanted a fashion coach to hide in our closet to tell us what to wear. The solution? You have it. No one will ever know what makes you feel better than you. Strong chest? Avoid too deep necklines, if you are thin at the top, belt everything. Thin at the bottom; wear tight pants and loose tops. List 5 essentials that you will be revolving around.

Pants in which you are comfortable and which gives you pretty legs; a good-looking blouse, a versatile trench coat, a discreet and elegant jewel as well as pretty shoes that will go with everything and will not hurt your feet. There is only one key word: efficiency. The rest will follow by itself.

Hola Amor’s advice: Wanting to be well dressed is an easy challenge with a few tips, wanting to stand out is another kettle of fish. Keep what makes up your look, the base. Do not change your essentials, nor your overall figure. If you subscribe to the straight jeans trio, shirt, heels for example, don’t show up in a skirt with sneakers, you would feel disguised.

Keeping your figure; try infusing little touches of originality here and there. Do you love brooches? Buy two similar ones and put them on either side of your shirt collar. Do you wear the same jacket all season? Tie your hair up, change your lipstick color, wear fancy socks, tuck your shirt into the pants and put on a nice belt. The allure is in the details, they are what will make the difference.

Little by little, you will get a taste for it and become more and more reckless, without losing what makes your identity. And develop what you may have always dreamed of: true fashion awareness.


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