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Palazzo pants: for a timeless and elegant look

I am often told that we do not know how to wear palazzo. Let’s make it easier. With palazzo, you can have fun with colors as long as you keep a more neutral top. When we create sets in our wardrobe, we can therefore treat them like a pencil skirt and wear them with blouses or work camisoles. It is that simple! It is easily worn at the office for a very stylish boyish-inspired look!

Palazzo pants are very popular today. Since the 60s, this type of pants has always been popular with the fairer sex. Palazzo pants are ideal for asserting the figure of women. They allow you to adopt a look that combines glamor and chic. But how to wear the elegant palazzo pants?

Palazzo pants

Palazzo is a style of wide-leg pants that widens from the knee. This type of tie-front pant has a high waist. The palazzo is generally designed in a fluid fabric to ensure maximum comfort. Ideal in summer, this type of loose pants is available in different models ranging from solid color models to printed models. In addition, they are also available in 3 lengths: three-quarter, ankle-length and extra long depending on the style you want to adopt.

How to wear the palazzo?

Palazzo pants go with different clothing styles. It is better if the top is cinched or tucked into the pants to have a nice effect. This trick will help highlight your figure. For an urban chic look, the palazzo can be worn under a white T-shirt. You can also choose a crop top or a bodysuit according to your preference. A well-fitted blouse will also do the trick. Black palazzo pants are very practical. They can be combined with tops of different colors.

What shoes can you wear with palazzo pants?

Wedges, stiletto heels and platforms work best with palazzo pants for women online New York. These shoes will allow you to gain height while preventing the pants from dragging on the floor. These types of shoes are also ideal for lengthening your figure while avoiding the packed effect at the ankles. We recommend that you opt for 2 or 3 inch heels for more comfort. You can also choose sandals for a more casual look. Some bloggers have also popularized the palazzo / sneakers look which is currently trending on social media.

Small point to note: these pants were loaned to me for the photo shoot and yes, they are too long for me. I still wanted to show you the style, however, while wearing them, I always have to make mine shorter since I am only 1.62 meters tall so it should be noted for women who are shorter like me!

In order to add a more original touch to the outfit, you can chose a handbag with pompoms that reminds you of the bags that you saw with any design. It adds color and a fun side to the whole thing!


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