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5 tips for stylish palazzo wear

Wide-leg pants (also known as palazzo) are found more and more in stores this fall, but narrow pants and other “skinny” pants still seem to be in popular favor. The reason is very simple, they are unique in defining and lengthening the silhouette (they can also be worn with a high or flat heel, no headache)

Still, many women tell me they prefer a looser fit for added comfort in the thighs and hips. However, you have to be careful with the palazzo as its additional volume can weigh down the silhouette.

Here are 5 tips for wearing the palazzo this fall:

The fabric

The thicker the fabric (woolen, felt, tweed, etc.) the more it risks to add volume to the silhouette. In order to lengthen the leg as much as possible, use finer fabrics (cold wool, quality polyester blends, etc.) or silky fabrics, for a more chic effect.

The details

A few styles of wide leg pants for women feature pleats at the waist or chests at the bottom of the pants.

Be aware that pleats at the waist, depending on how they are placed, can add bulk to the abdomen.

As chests can visually weigh and shorten the leg, they are generally not recommended for small women (5’4 “and under), especially if they are very large. In short: unless you are tall and slender, the fewest details possible to lengthen the silhouette.

The length

As a general rule, the looser the bottom of the pants, the longer it should be. The palazzo must therefore come close to the ground, to within a centimeter in order to extend the leg as much as possible.

There is also the cropped pant trend that is coming into play these years: some fashionistas have adopted ankle length even with very wide pants, panty style.

The tops to favor

To define the size, I recommend coordinating your palazzo with a more fitted or silky top and wearing it inside the pants.

If you feel less comfortable tucking your tops into your pants, but still want a lengthening effect, opt for a fairly tight knit that falls at the hips, similar in color to your palazzo or in shades on tones.

Woman wearing steel palazzo pants and black knit layered fabric. The off-the-shoulder sweaters, very popular this falls, rock the silhouette nicely.

The shoes

The high heel is a must for lengthening the leg. Plus – a little stylist trick – if your pants are cut very close to the floor, as they should be, you can cheat your height a little by wearing a wedge heel that will give you a few extra inches. Lengthening effect guaranteed, but watch out for your balance and back pain. More reasonably, a 2 or 3 inch heel will do very well.

On the other hand, several fashionistas fall for the palazzo & sneakers look, which creates an urban and trendy look for fall. It is very trendy yet more difficult to wear elegantly.

Woman wearing navy palazzo pants and leopard print sneakers.

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