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Exclusive caftans: Between modernity and tradition

Are you going to celebrate an event soon? Still not sure that how you are going to dress? Have you thought about the exclusive high-end caftan? Don’t panic, we’ll tell you everything! You will also learn more about the luxury caftan and the origin of the latter. We invite you to discover the different models that you can find in Hola Amor! Ready? So let’s go!

What is a caftan?

The caftan is simply a traditional Moroccan dress. It looks like a rather long tunic. Indeed, the latter reaches to the feet. Note also that the sleeves are generally long. It also has a belt at the waist. As you might expect, there are many colors and designs available today. So you can perfectly find ladies kaftan dresses UAE to your liking, without any problem.

You should know that the high-end caftan is worn during ceremonies or important events such as baptisms, weddings or even religious holidays and receptions. Nowadays in France, it is a garment mainly reserved for women.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of caftans. Here is a list of these for you to easily navigate:

It is rather long and straight. In addition, in terms of material, you can find silk, velvet or even brocade. Decorative patterns can also appear on this type of caftan.

The cut from Tetouan is shorter and fuller. The most common material for this type of garment is velvet in red or garnet tones.

The caftan is therefore a garment much appreciated by Muslim women. Although at the moment it is a democratized element, it still retains a beautiful symbolism.

A bit of history on the Moroccan caftan

But before learning more, it is important to know the origins of the caftan. Indeed, the caftan appeared shortly after the Ottoman Empire. He was a representation of the “drapes” of the Roman Empire.

But of course, the caftan is a garment that has evolved over the centuries. Going from ordinary clothing to haute couture clothing, he has braved the years, the centuries, but also influences.

Nevertheless, it took a while before the latter entered the women’s locker room. Indeed, it was not until the 17th century that this happened. Rather impressive when you consider that these days, it is women who wear them the most!

Many materials could be used for the caftans. But it was in the 19th century that Lyonnais brocade and silk from China made their entry. Why? Because Morocco was in full expansion and could therefore buy more prestigious materials. It was from then that the luxury caftan appeared.

The 1980s also got the better of caftans. Many changes have been added such as a belt, shoulder pads, but also new fabrics. As you can see, no matter what time the caftan may have been going through, it is currently a very fashionable traditional garment!

The evolution of the caftan: what happened to it?

Now, you should know that many brands offer caftans. You will therefore be able to find your caftan in many shops. Indeed, big fashion brands decided to tap into this market which was not really their cup of tea. Why? Because fashion shows have imposed this type of clothing. The great couturiers therefore had to adapt!

Note also that the great couturiers have made it possible to rediscover this garment: the colors are different, the fabrics also and the designs much more modern. However, it has been updated, which is quite significant!

Hola Amor’s kaftans: luxury and modernity await you!

If you live in or are going to the Paris region, you can come and discover our creations in our showroom in Paris. As a result, you can easily find your happiness among the exclusive tailor-made caftans that we offer. You can find them for all types of events:

A wedding: whether you are the bride or a guest, you can easily find what you are looking for. Indeed, the fabrics chosen are top of the range and of very good quality. Note also that the patterns on the caftans are really reminiscent of weddings. The colors are also breathtaking. Your exclusive high-end caftan is waiting for you at Hola Amor.

It is possible to find much more original caftans and suitable for other types of parties. You can find some with oriental inspirations. Whether in terms of colors and patterns, you will not be left out. You can therefore choose the color that suits you the most. But don’t forget that Hola Amor can also give you some valuable advice.

As you can see, a wide choice awaits you at Hola Amor. You will easily be able to choose what suits you best in terms of exclusive high-end caftan. A lot of advice can be given to you if you need it. In any event, the entire Hola Amor team is at your disposal when choosing a high-end caftan.

In conclusion, the haute couture caftan is really in tune with the times. Indeed, you can easily find what you are looking for in our Parisian store without any worries. Of course, specially designed wedding caftans await you. You will be able to find everything you need! It will be the same for your bridesmaids who can choose their caftan in the same store. Convenient, isn’t it?


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