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Work and fashion: an incompatible duo?

Just because you work doesn’t mean you don’t have to be well dressed

We have mentioned it, you must respect a certain number of rules to choose your work outfit, but that does not mean that you will not be able to express your personality and make yourself happy! Since we spend 80% of our time in our workplace, I would even say that it is better to take the opportunity to wear clothes that we love. Otherwise, you will have relatively few opportunities to wear your favorite pieces if you assume that there is no point in dressing well for work.

If you are a freelance worker, this is also a real question. When working from home, spending the day in front of a computer without leaving home, and not seeing anyone, it is very tempting to stay in your pajamas or jogging. NO! We continue to have fun and wear clothes that we like and we do not let go. Remember that you dress for yourself above all, because a garment expresses a personality and femininity. Do you want to put on make-up when you don’t leave your house all day? So what? Treat yourself.

How to Dress at Work: Some Basic Pieces

The good news is that almost anything goes! Here are some basic pieces that are easy to adopt for a top working woman’s look:

The blouses: The blouse is the top that is perfect for a chic woman’s office outfit. This is a basic that will go perfectly with both women pants online UAE and a skirt, it goes with everything!

Tops: Choose flowing materials or good quality t-shirts. Bet on fairly soft tones and try to avoid colors that are too garish.

Jeans: Gone are the days when jeans were left in the closet. Today they come in all colors and styles, making them the perfect pants to go with everything. We still avoid the slightly destroyed jeans and we opt for the one that highlights us the most!

Classic pants: To vary the pleasures a little, don’t hesitate to go for classic pants (carrot, pleated, straight pants, etc.). In gray, black or navy blue, it will go perfectly with many tops.

The skirt: It is better to choose it not too short. The pencil skirt is a model that still works for the office, but you can definitely opt for classic flared skirts.

The dress: Don’t hesitate to take out your dresses, even in winter. A winter dress worn with a pair of black opaque tights, a pair of boots or ankle boots and a toasty woolen coat is a perfect outfit for the office in winter.

Shoes: Pumps are essential to complete an elegant outfit. But boots, ankle boots, derbies or moccasins can also be quite suitable. Only avoid sneakers and take care of your shoes.


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