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Faster Work Visas – How can your business qualify?

Visa Processing Times seem out of control

The large waiting periods for Australian work visas, namely subclass 457 and its successor, Temporary Skills Deficiency Visa 482, are a continuing concern for both applicants and corporate sponsors. Currently, the uncertainty period for 457 visas is nine months and even for subclass 482, can extend to four months.
Resources are restricted in immigration management, and case officers are no longer available to handle applicants’ inquiries. Instead, a lot of frustration has been thwarted by those waiting for answers, and a collective case management system has been deployed; a virtual brick wall between visa applicants and those determining the merits of their applications.

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Is there another answer?

For corporate sponsors who meet the required standards, there can actually be a better way. The government has recently reviewed its policies on accredited sponsors and skilled labor from abroad. Approval under this status will greatly simplify visa applications for subclass 482; many of these applications will automatically be adopted within minutes, without interference Manual, etc. within two to three weeks.

Certified Sponsor monitors also receive additional consideration and provide the sponsor with a reference letter to confirm good character, and will not require permits from the police abroad.
The company can apply for the approved status (using the same documentation) when making the application a regular sponsor. Then, if they fail to meet all accreditation criteria, they will be considered standard care.

What is required, in order to become an Accredited Sponsor?

To approve the approved status, the sponsor must meet all standard care requirements, in addition to the additional characteristics applicable to one of the four categories of accreditation:

Category 1: Government bodies of the Commonwealth, State or Territory

Make Australian workers make up at least 75% of the local workforce.

Category 2: Reliable Australian Traders

Make Australian workers account for at least 75% of the local workforce, all of whom receive their salaries according to the institution’s agreement or internal salary scale that reflects current market prices.

Category 3: Low volume of employment and high proportion of Australian workers

Ask Australian workers who make up at least 85% of the local workforce to pay suitable wages for positions. Not a single trader or partnership. Get annual sales of at least A $ 4 million over the past two years. I have been a standard business sponsor for at least a year. Approved nominations for at least one entry visa to TSS or sub-category 457. Obtain a minimum nomination rate of 3% for the last year. It has no negative control results.

Category 4: Use of large quantities and average proportion of Australian workers

Make Australian workers make up at least 75% of the local workforce. Not a single trader or partnership. Get annual sales of at least A $ 4 million over the past two years. He was the standard commercial sponsor for at least two years. Approve nominations for at least 10 TSS visas and / or 457 sub-categories in the last two years. To obtain a nomination rate of not less than 3% for the last two years. It has no negative control results. Involve all TSS and / or 457 visa holders as employees under a written contract that meets with NES when necessary.

The Administration will consider exceptions to these guidelines, with proper application and support.
Check applications accurately; misunderstandings lead to disappointment

In the complex and rapidly changing world of immigration law, there is nothing static and nothing simple. It is truly profitable, and therefore, for professional help, skilled professionals, who are particularly trained in operations, are enabled to help you achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

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