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Visas in Australia

Work and Holiday Visa (Sub-category 462)

It has the same features as working in a holiday (subclass 417) and can renew work done in specific areas.
– Between 18 and 30 years (inclusive).
– Show that you have financial resources during your stay. You will be asked for TFN documents and your tax documents.
– Coming from a country that has an agreement with Australia (English): Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United States of America.

Skilled independent visa (subclass 189)

This visa concerns persons with experience in specific areas required by Australia, and not sponsored by an employer. To obtain this visa, you need to obtain a minimum number of points awarded according to different criteria.
– You must be less than 50 years old when applying
– You need a positive skill assessment that ensures that your skills and qualifications meet Australian requirements.
– You must have worked in a job listed by the Australian Government
– You must get at least 60 points in the migration point test. Some professions need points more than others.
The application of this type of visa is long and complex. It is therefore advisable to use an immigration agent.

Duration: A skilled immigration visa allows you to live and work in Australia for 5 years.
Cost: AUS $ 3,600 for a visa only.
You must add the cost of a skills assessment test that varies according to the institution you need to refer to in relation to your profession. Other factors affecting the cost of a visa are:

Where do you come from?
Your nationality
Your nominated career
Evaluate your qualifications and experience, usually through a government agency
Immigration fees
Your police records the requirements for your personality
Health insurance for your health requirements

Gain a positive assessment of skills
Pass the English test to make sure you have the minimum required. It can also provide you with additional points
Make sure you have a number of points slightly above the desired scale and provide an “expression of interest” to the Australian Government
Apply for a visa once you have been invited to the government by responding to “Expressing Interest”
All applications for this type of visa must be submitted online through the immigration website
Since the action can be long, it is recommended that you initiate the procedures as soon as possible. Furthermore, the skills assessment period does not qualify for a visa or a bridging visa. Therefore, you must have a valid visa during the application or submit it from abroad.
Your immediate family members can be added to the visa application.

For More Information: Australian Immigration Website

Temporary Deficiency (TSS Subclass 482)

The TSS allows skilled workers to come to Australia and work in an accredited company. To qualify for this visa, you will need to:
2 years experience after qualification
Short-term list: No permanent residence up to two years maximum (maximum 4 years)
Medium / Long term: A maximum of 4 years visa. Permanent residence may be requested after 3 years.
Qualifying professions are listed on the Ministry of the Interior’s website (DOHA) as short- or medium-term / long-term listings, which will now be updated twice a year from 1 January to 1 July. There are two types of lists: the short-term career list (STSOL) and the list of medium and long-term strategic skills (MLTSSL).

You must be sponsored by an accredited company. Business people can take care of someone to obtain this visa if they can not find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to do the trick.

You can be in or out of Australia when you submit your application.
The TSS visa is intended for anyone who has found a company willing to recruit and sponsor foreign workers for skilled Australian jobs, which have the skills and expertise required. Before applying, you must have found a company that employs you and you have received confirmation that the company is already caring for you. This visa is mainly used to recruit or relocate a foreign employee when the company can not find the right supplier in the Australian labor market. This visa can also be used by newly established companies to hire a manager / expert to prepare or develop business / professional activities in Australia.

The details of the procedure are as follows:

The company needs to hire someone to get a skilled job.
This company does not find a person on Australian territory who meets recruitment criteria.
The merged company will nominate a skilled position (based on the person’s background and responsibilities within the company as a former sales and marketing manager / general manager / general manager) to be filled by the individual. The position must be paid at a certain level.

For more information : Apply Australian visa online

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