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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In FUE in Pakistan hair transplantation, each follicular unit is individually taken from the scalp with no portion of tissue being uprooted. Hair follicles are uprooted in an irregular manner and the outcome is less thickness in the donor area that numerous say is not even visible. This is the primary contrast between FUE and FUT. Since follicles are evacuated one by one, less follicles can be collected in a single session, improving FUE alternative to restore hair contrasted with the conventional FUT technique. FUE is always advancing and what was once used for just small cases is currently being used for bigger and bigger cases. A few individuals that favor the FUE technique might have the choice to extend their methodology into two days so as to finish their prescribed transplantation objectives.

fue in pakistan

Pain Management

Without any join required and no direct scar to mend, FUE in Pakistan strategies do have a speedier recuperating time and less post-surgery uneasiness contrasted with the customary FUT system.


Since FUE methods include expelling hairs independently from the scalp, no straight scar is conceived. Nonetheless, there will be small (1mm in breadth or less) cuts which will fade away in few days after the surgery. These modest injuries regularly recuperate inside of three to seven days.


Since the doctor must uproot every hair follicle individually, the time-delicate nature of a FUE method regularly makes it more costly than a FUT strategy. As expressed before, FUE innovation is enhancing and picking up ubiquity and numerous hair reclamation works have begun to bring down the expense per join cost for FUE in Pakistan. These days, the cost distinction between a FUE and a FUT systems is little unlike.

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